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This listing is for a friend who is ready to part from his well-maintained 100 Series Land Cruiser (2000) in favor of a vehicle more suited to his typical daily driving. The below are based on my observations from inspections and test-drives of his Cruiser.

- This 100 Series is bone-stock with a couple exceptions:

- Aftermarket head unit that enables DVD play (Pioneer)

- Aftermarket low range speaker

- All maintenance was performed at a Toyota dealership and is up-to-date. Maintenance records can be confirmed at a Toyota dealership.

- No body rust

- Interior is in very good shape

- Third seats (not pictured) are included

- Mileage is 196000

- Asking price is $11,500

I put it on MUD for visibility in the Cruiser community and I can answer some questions about it. I believe he’ll be posting it on other sites as well. For detailed inquiries you can use me as a conduit or reach out to him or contact him directly (PM me for his contact info). See pictures below.








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