2000 Land Cruiser, new keyless entry remote not working

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May 3, 2010

New to a 2000 LC. I bought the car with only one black master key (it unlocked both the trunk and the glovebox).

I ordered a replacement key with the keyless entry buttons and had it cut. I followed the programming instructions to make the chip work. The car now starts with this key.

However, I am having trouble programming the key to unlock and lock the doors. I have followed the instructions to program the keyless entry, and tried several times. I checked the fusebox under the hood to see if a fuse was blown. I get to the point in the programming where the locks automatically cycle (to indicate it is entering the programming cycle), but then I get stuck at that.

I took the remote to Batteries Plus and had them test the battery and function of the transmitter- both are good.

Any ideas before I take the car to the dealer to get this key working?

Thanks in advance!

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