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Mar 28, 2003
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Ok my first question is: Is it ok to run 315 bfg all terrains with a 2.5 lift. If I did do this would it cause any major or minor problems? The all terrains will get wheeled, but for the challenging stuff, I put on my boggers. The off road stuff they will see is going to be pretty mild. But Majority of their life (90-95%) will be highway. Second question: I am looking at getting some RS9000's. The ride I have now is a little too bumpy for me. Any one know anything about them? Good/ bad choise, comments?

Thanks a much,

Let me elaborate on DK's observations.

315's will rub in compression. It does not matter what the lift is or isn't. You will need to lower the bumpstops to prevent tire to body/frame contact regardless of how high the lift is.
Go to www.sleeoffroad.com for an in-depth explanation. Mr Slee and his staff have been there and done that more often than anyone I can think of.

Figgured slee would be a good place to look. Thanks guys for the help. I do understand that a lifted truck isnt going to ride like stock, but I guess the problem is I just dont have enough weight in it to make it ride like its supposed to. The ride feels like a lowered civic. I've got 32psi in the tires and it just hits really hard. Anywho, thanks again. Keep me updated on those rs9000s.


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