1hdft and h151f conversion

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Feb 19, 2019
Hey all first post here so be kind please

I’m doing a driveline conversion in my 1998 hzj105 landcruiser gxl was formally a 1hz-t with r series manual gearbox (full time), I have acquired the complete driveline from a 1995 hdj80 1hdft with h151f gearbox and full time transfer case.

The driveline is scheduled to go in next weekend how ever I’m thinking the shifter location is different with the two gearboxes and going to have issues there?

I’ve tried my best to find a open thread on this already but struggling a little, does anyone have any information or solutions?

I’ve read on a post on here I may be able to use the manual gearbox from a fzj105 or hdj100 and it will fit straight in without modifying body etc, before I commit to buying yet another gearbox and transfer case has anyone done this conversion and possibility able to assist with any information.

Thanks in advance guys and girls.


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