1. aidenc

    Needing help!! 1HDFT relays next to pedals

    hi guys first ever post, i have a 1995 1hdft 80 series and i got the car abit wet well water was abit flowing in my windows blah blah blah it was fun, i pulled the relays next to the pedals to dry them out and there’s, i’m not at my car atm when posting this, but i think theses 6 relays spots...
  2. Salubrious

    Largest Front Mount Intercooler 1HDFT

    Hi guys, I have looked at so many intercoolers that are available on the market, but none of them utilize the the full size of the front grill. I would like to have an intercooler that uses the full space between the headlights only showing the fins, this would look very cosmetically pleasing...
  3. T

    1hdft and h151f conversion

    Hey all first post here so be kind please I’m doing a driveline conversion in my 1998 hzj105 landcruiser gxl was formally a 1hz-t with r series manual gearbox (full time), I have acquired the complete driveline from a 1995 hdj80 1hdft with h151f gearbox and full time transfer case. The...
  4. sunrk

    What should be checked on an import 1hdt or 1hdft from Japan ?

    Import 1hdt and 1hdft motors are very common here in Australia to update from 1hz's. They come from Japan after the vehicles there are deemed unroadworthy after some specified time period or number of km's due to emissions rules. Current prices are about A$8k for an import 1hdt and A$11k for an...
  5. A

    Shall I swap the 1hdt

    Just bought a 105 with a swapped 1hz for a 1hdt. Here’s the dilemma. Shall I keep it and intercool it, swap it for a 1hdft, or swap it for a 1fz? I’m new to diesel so I am still starting to get used to it. I just can’t get over the fumes and sluggish performance on the highway Is diesel not my...
  6. R

    1HDT Head Screw in Injectors

    Hi i purchased this head assuming its a 1hdt what head is it a few people i been to have no idea it has no pre combustion chambers but it has screw in Injectors?
  7. Sporty Forty

    Extra cab Ute on 80 chassis HDJ40/80

    So, I have a 4 door build going on and I got tired of waiting for the panel shop and auto electrician to sort their crap out so I looked at the bits I had lying around after the build fabrication was pretty much complete. Thought I could either sell all these bits and get $10 for them or I could...
  8. Akella

    For Sale  1HD-FT Diesel Engine in Ontario, Canada

    For sale is 1HD-FT with 188300 km (117004 miles) It comes from HDJ81 Engine starts easily, runs smoothly. Videos will be uploaded later Timing belt was changed at 187035 km Standard 24V starter comes with it, however, can be upgraded to cold climate 12V starter for extra 150USD Standard 80A...
  9. H

    For Sale  1hdft 24v complete engine

    I am selling a complete hdj80 engine. It is a 1hdft 24v version The engine has done 200K miles. Engine is very clean and has no oil leakes. Engine come with alternator and starter, flywheel and clutch. (and propeller, not on photo) If anyone is interested I can startup the engine and makes...
  10. L

    Exhaust - 1HDT vs 1HDFT

    Following @IanB I'm reposting a question here
  11. L

    Exhaust - 1HDT vs 1HDFT

    Hi, Just a quick question, from what I've found a turbo back exhaust for a 1HDT is the same as for a 1HDFT, am I right? Same turbo flange and mounts. Thanks Cheers
  12. Dork

    1HDFT 3" Exhaust Questions

    So, a short bit of backstory. Truck is a 95 HDJ81, exhaust is new(er) 3" from the cat back, and was put on in Japan before I got the vehicle here. The section from the turbo dump to the cat is still the old 2.5". In the "two birds with one stone" school of thought, I'm getting rid of the...
  13. E

    Transplant 4.2L 1HDFT on 105 (1HZ)

    Hello, I have a complete 1HDFT 24-valves with all the electronics and accesories surrounding the engine. I want trnsplant it into 2004 105 with 1HZ engine. A few questions: - Does somebody did it before? - What problems I should expect? - Does a menual gear will fit? Thanks
  14. T

    Stock 1hdtft upgrade to Gturbo Badboy or Grunter ?

    Hi all I'm new to this so please excuse me if this the wrong forum, I've got a stock 1hdft 80 series manual with 380,000km on it in great condition over serviced if anything. It's our family car shopping trolley and touring set up, I've had it for 15 years brought my children home from hospital...
  15. Lo2aY

    Injection Nozzle Pressure 1HD-FT

    Hello, I've searched and searched without any luck. Long story short, I'm wrapping up my 1HD-FT engine refresh. Need the specs for the correct amount of pressure the fuel nozzles should have. The FSM does not show what pressure it should be. It mentions a start to spray pressure of 2000+ PSI...
  16. my67nova

    1HZ-T exhaust

    Does anyone have pictures of a 3" turbo back exhaust in a 60? Can it go inside the frame rails?
  17. NetJunky

    For Sale  91 Toyota Land Cruiser - Cali Diesel registered

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