1. CIR

    SOLD Santa Cruz de Tenerife - 36k miles 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ80 VX

    Hi MUD, I have my red 80 live on Bringatrailer at No Reserve and the auction ends Monday August 22, 2022. HERE is the link: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1997-toyota-land-cruiser-177/ 1HD-FT Motor H151F Transmission Left Hand Drive Turned 25 year old in June 2022 58,911 KMS Documented...
  2. FJ6bt

    Identify my transmission please (h151f?)

    So I bought this transmission and all the equipment for a swap from the continent of Africa and got it for a song. I’m not entirely sure what it came out of (big language barrier). It has a 14 spline input but it doesn’t have the three round castings on the side? I’m still thinking it’s a h151f...
  3. FJ6bt

    H151f parts?

    I just recently bought a h151f but have no idea of it’s condition or it’s life (from Africa so it’s probably been hard, but the price was right). I’ve looked around quite a bit and can’t find any sort of rebuild kit or seal kit for them. I’ve found some individual parts but not any sort of...
  4. Omsok

    5 speed Transmission and 4WD switch Questions 1995 80 series 1HDT

    Hi all. I have a 1995 80 series with a 1HDT engine, and a 5 speed transmission. The transfer case 4WD is actuated by an electronic push button on the dash. Overall the vehicle is in excellent condition and I am very happy with it. Have not had occasion to use it in 4WD much, but that will be...
  5. SmoothCanoes

    Caltex gear oil

    Gday guys just wandering if theres a caltex gear oil that people are using in their gearbox and t-case and if i can use the same oil in my diffs? Just curious as i have a caltex dealership where i get my delo 400 for the engine and might as well get gear oil while im there.. Cheers
  6. 75rig

    H150F or H151F into 2h or 12ht

    Has anyone done this conversion? Does toyota have a bellhousing that will fit the 2h block from the h150 or h151f? The old h55f just isnt up to scratch, never has been. Looking for a better box for a custom 75 series build. Thanks
  7. 75rig

    H150f or H151f into a 2h or 12ht

    Has anyone done this conversion? Does toyota have a bellhousing that will fit the 2h block from the h150 or h151f? The old h55f just isnt up to scratch, never has been. Looking for a better box for a custom 75 series build.
  8. MauricioR

    H151F Replacing Synchros on a '96 J80

    Hi, since I bought my J80, the 3rd gear grinds... In the past it used to grind some times but now it grinds every time and now 4rd gear started to grind as well. 1st, 2nd & 5th are fine however I will replace all synchros. I am using 75w90 GL4+ oil on the trans right now, GL4+ means is a blend...
  9. T

    1hdft and h151f conversion

    Hey all first post here so be kind please I’m doing a driveline conversion in my 1998 hzj105 landcruiser gxl was formally a 1hz-t with r series manual gearbox (full time), I have acquired the complete driveline from a 1995 hdj80 1hdft with h151f gearbox and full time transfer case. The...
  10. bashafridi

    Conversion to 2017 H151F transmission on my LC 100

    Hi how r u Just wanted to weather the new 2017 h151f gear box with taller 5th gear ratio can fit my LC 100 And how can I get this box
  11. Mnils6

    1hdt engine and h151f into 1980 bj40

    Hey, im looking to start restoring my 1980 bj40. It currently has a B engine in it. It comes with the usual 40 series look such as paint fade, rust and an oil leak from the rear diff. Which i would like to rectify. When its all said and done i would like to have a 1hdt engine and a h151f box...
  12. Tank5

    SOLD H151 Bellhousing and 80 series manual conversion parts

    Still have these used parts for sale for an 80 series manual conversion. H151F to 1FZ bellhousing, clutch, flywheel, clutch fork, throwout bearing, clutch slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder, and clutch pedal assembly. These parts came out of a running driving 1993 80 series Land Cruiser...
  13. Tank5

    SOLD H151 to 2UZ Bellhousing

    I am selling a the 2 part bellhousing needed to mate a 2UZFE to a H151F. The bellhousing is new never run but I did bolt it to the engine and transmission to mock up the motor mounts. I changed the direction of my build so now it is for sale. It will be shipped in the original Toyota...
  14. FloridaFJ80

    Coilpacked 1FZ-FE and H151F Swap

    Ever since I bought my 97 40th anniversary she has had a knock in the engine. I have been amazed how reliable these engines are. In my home country (Colombia) there is a saying that says "Toyota es Toyota" or in English "Toyota is Toyota" It can be interpreted that Toyota is what it is the best...
  15. Tank5

    SOLD H151F out of fj80 with 120k miles

    I am selling an h151f that I removed from a 1993 fj80 that was imported. This transmission was mated to a 1fz engine. The LC ran, shifted and drove fine prior to being parted out. It had just under 120,000 miles on it. This sale includes transmission, bell housing, clutch slave cylinder...
  16. gnarlynick2072

    H151F 100 vs 80

    Well I am mulling over replacing my H151 with a new unit. Still getting gear howl from the trans and highway vibrations which I am convinced are related. Many people have been saying "trans can't cause vibes" but when you look up the definition of gear whine, I beg to differ. So that brings me...
  17. MMTB

    Guinea Pig - new owner

    Hello folks. I'm the new owner of a 73 FJ55. Bought it sight unseen on eBay from an enthusiast. My intention is to bring the truck up to a very high level of finish. I will re-power it with a modern-ish Land Cruiser engine so it's more useful and fun to drive. Currently I'm leaning towards...
  18. MMTB

    Wanted H151F to 1FZ-FE bell housing - WANTED

    Let me know if you have one for sale in grade A top condition. Serious buyer.
  19. J

    Manual swap on an 80. Opinion on performance needed!!!

    So no hope on getting an H151 in the US without unplugging the bank. So I'm left with three choices: R151f (from 4runner or tacoma) RA60f (from FJ Cruiser or newer tacoma) NV3550 or AX15 ( Jeeps) Let's assume that I have the bellhousing and transfercase adapter figured out (not yet but just...
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