1fz-fe motor prices

Jan 1, 2020
Found a local motor and Tranny combo 1995 for sale, motor and Tranny have 250k and was burning a quart of oil every 500 miles. I Am looking to buy and rebuild then swap into my 97 with 260k on it. I am burning oil also and the Hg has never been done. I do not know what a fair price for a motor and Tranny is and don’t want to over pay. Anybody have any knowledge on what a used motor would be worth. I have looked around and have seen 2500-3500 for rebuilds with OEM parts any input on those costs would be great also. I will send the head and block out to get machined. And not sure if I should rebuild a Tranny or not I know these transmissions are not known for having issues. Thanks wes
Feb 7, 2009
I bought mine from guy who needed it out of his garage with 170k on it ran fine for 350, I changed the oil pump seal and crank seal, tore it apart for the heck of it and it was indeed fine, no gasket issue cylinder walls looked great. Around here in Colorado I see good ones for 500 bucks and rebuilds are usually cheaper. I bought mine in 2018

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