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Oct 25, 2014
Puget Sound
I have a 1999 Toyota Landcruiser with the 4.7 L V8.

I have been having limp mode problems twice.

The first time was two years ago to date, I was in a parking lot and dropped my keyfob off my chain and sat there trying to start the car for like 20 minutes. Well the car didn't start because it was in my pocket. I didn't know you needed the keyfob next to the ignition switch. I had it towed home. About a few days later, I was on the freeway and it just went in to limp mode.

It was throwing the:

1. TPS (I changed it).
2. APPS Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (I changed it).
3. Idle Control Valve or the Throttle control Motor. (I changed it)
4. Back to TPS (I changed with Toyota OEM)

Then it started over and went back to the APPS.
So, I just kept going in circles. I brought it to a Mechanic and he said, maybe it's the computer. So, we ordered a cheap used one:
5. $247.00 | 1999 Lexus LX 470 Engine Control Module (ECM) with ignition and key
6. They programmed it and it still didn't work.
7. He changed all of the new sensors back to the original sensors and it worked.

I was changing my drivers side headlight and had to remove the battery. I put the battery back in and back in limp mode.
1. I immediately took it right back to that mechanic so said, maybe it's the computer again...maybe I fried it? So, I couldn't find used this time. We order brand new. It was about $1100. Didn't fix the problem.
2. Then they said it through all the codes mentioned above so he changed every sensor. Still in Limp Mode.
3. I was able to return the sensors but not the computer.
4. Mechanic couldn't figure it out and tried every combination with my sensors, new sensors, reprogrammed the computer twice.

Right now it starts fine. It's just in limp mode. It shifts hard when putting in gear. I have to push the gas all the way to the floor for a response. I don't think it's the transmission. Mechanic said I need a new Throttle Body with all new sensors on it. That's like another 500 - 1000+. Do you think that's it? He too, was going in circles. I can do the labor...or do you think I should take it to the dealer?

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Oct 25, 2014
Puget Sound
Of coincidence. I changed the air filter to a K & N airfilter about a month before the first time and also changed the starter because it was grinding and it seemed to work just fine. I actually broke the knock sensor because I stepped on it and also broke the green plastic on this sensor, but it was still connected metal to metal. However again, it worked for two years from the first time is miraculously was fixed with the new ECU but using original sensors to now changing to new ECU and new and old sensors and still not working. The codes keep throwing and going in circles for all the THROTTLE BODY SENSORS so should I think it's the THROTTLE BODY Right?


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