1999 Land Cruiser fuel filter replacement problem!

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Jun 20, 2012
My 99 LC has 260,000 miles on it and I am doing a bit of maintenance. One of those maintenance items was replacing the fuel filter, which has never been replaced. I have heard from some people you do not have to replace them, however, I thought it would be an easy job and good for the car regardless with that many miles on it.

Here is my problem. Installed new fuel filter and I am not getting a tight seal on the input side. I have tightened it considerably, however, the seal is poor and leaking a considerable amount of gas. The filter came with two copper rings and flimsy rubbery ring. Are these the seals? I did not think it needed seals because of the flange compression fitting.

Help Please!!

Hmm, I just replaced mine at 112,000 miles and it was very simple and I dont remember any washers or seal issues. Any pictures?
this is a pretty straight forward job. did you check that little green clip to ensure a tight fit? also the oring needs to be seated right.
Where is the fuel filter? Any way to check it or clean it out?
I'm guessing it wasn't seated right or the gasket/o-rings aren't making proper contact.

Were there any seals on the input side (hard line)? I did not see any, however, since that is where it is leaking perhaps there is an oring that is supposed to be there. Flanged type fittings like the hard line going in usually dont need seals. Perhaps they do in this case...

There is not problem on the output side. The green clip has no problems. It is on the input side which has a hard line. You mentioned an oring. What material was it made out of and did they come with the fuel filter? I did not see any when I removed mine, however, they may have fallen out and I did not see them.

Thanks for your help.
maybe the correct term is gasket instead of o-ring. see if this pic helps

Mine leaked as well, and I had to tighten mine to the point where I was sure it was going to break before it stopped leaking. Didn't seem right to me but I haven't had any more leaks for years. I don't know how much pressure the nut and line can take so please get some more opinions before you end up breaking it.
Didn't carefully look in the fsm yet but isn't there a torque spec for that? If you are exceeding it that much it should be something to look into.
shogun2fire said:
Didn't carefully look in the fsm yet but isn't there a torque spec for that? If you are exceeding it that much it should be something to look into.

22 lb/ft. I did mine just for the hell of it a couple weeks ago.

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It looks like the fuel pressure regulator.

My fuel filter did come with two copper rings. I would imagine they go somewhere... Do they act as a "gasket" of sorts? I am not sure how they would seat themselves in the flanged set up...
The copper 'rings' are crush washers. They provide the sealing. If they are not installed its sure to leak.

Just so I do this right and not srew up the flange. I put both of the copper rings in the fuel in side of the filter then insert the flanged tube and just tighten down the bolt?
I replaced my fuel filter today and had a bit of leaking from the fuel tank side after first installing. I thought I tightened pretty snug. I backed the flange nut off and started over and tightened about as much as I thought I could with out breaking anything. No leak now, I'll keep a close eye on it for a while.

FYI, I did not notice any crush rings or anything like that on the tank side of the filter before installing.
Replaced my fuel filter today. Had some leaking at first from flange nut, backed it out and put Teflon tape on threads, tightened it up.....no leaks.

2001 LC stock with nav
I wouldn't use teflon tape on the fuel system. It can break down and get lodged into the fuel system to wreck your fuel system.
Anyone notice any better mileage? I'd like to replace mine also. I'm assuming I need an OEM filter.

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