For Sale 1997 1fz fe engine block, head, cams

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Jan 3, 2015
Lower Alabama
United States
1997 1FZ FE engine block (199,000 miles), head, cams. Boulder County, CO, USA

Asking $200

Recently rebuilt my engine(threw all rod bearings) with an already assembled short block. The short block I bought came with a head and cams redone 40k miles ago. I reused my head and cams. The exhaust cam does not have the torsion gear or spring. The head has valves but no buckets or springs. I have the story and receipt of where I got everything if needed.

The block comes with the old crank but it is in poor shape. No oil pans, timing cover, rear seal housing, or valve cover included. Piston walls are in excellent condition. I would have reused the block if the purchased block wasn't already assembled.

Will help load. Can use engine hoist if not sold at pick up time.

Make offer, send PM




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curious how much you'd want for the complete head if you still have it? Cams installed...

I'm in Fresno, Ca.
The head is sold, the pistons and rods are sold. Still have the block, and both cams. The exhaust cam is not complete. Ive had a lot of questions about shipping, so for everyones benefit, the stripped down head is about 53#s with valves, unless my scale is off. Rough measurements for packaging are 35"x 9"x 9". This is with spark plug tubes.
The guy who bought the head is going to want the cams unless he's planning on a fully rebuild.

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