1996 FSM Missing a Page

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Jun 20, 2011
Tulsa, OK
I'm looking through the FSM that BirfMark put together and it looks like it is missing page SA-8. It has SA-7 two times. Can some one please post up a pdf of SA-8. This is in the front axle section. Thanks.
Bumping this because I found the same issue with my version of the '96 FSM.

The pic above seems to be from a different (year?) FSM though and doesn't have the missing info.

Can some one please help by providing page SA-8 from the 1996 FSM?
I bought a 2 vol. hard copy of the 97 LX450 FSM from a company in Seattle, new in wrapper. When I was doing some of my first base line work I noticed there was a page missing from the cooling system section, specifically regarding the thermostat. I also noticed there were sections missing from the back index when I was searching for another section.

When I inquired with the company that sold me the publication about the missing sections they said that my copy was current with the current copyright. They offered to accept it as a return for a full refund, however, is that even accurate that the current copyright of the 97 LX450 FSM would have omitted pages/ info from the original?

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