1994 SR5 T100 Man Trans for Sale in Toledo, Ohio (1 Viewer)

Aug 22, 2015
I hope this is an acceptable post here. If not I'll take my beating. No affiliation whatsoever - just stumbled on the truck cruising the popular for free selling website.

I haven't seen it in person - just looked at the ad and the car dealers' website. 1994 T100 SR5 Reg Cab Manual Trans - claims 160K miles but the one pic of the odometer shows 140K. Looks very clean the interior is immaculate.

The only pic that remotely shows the underside is a closeup of the front tire. Pic shows some paint on the frame. I don't have CarFax to dig any deeper.

I dunno - thought I'd pass it along. I'd be in the car to go take a look right now but I just bought a 3/4 ton diesel project and I'm absolutely tapped out. Been looking for this exact truck for months on and off before I bought the Ford. Dammit.

They are not giving it away - but you just don't see these around here.

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