1994 22 RE Check Engine Light

Jan 12, 2004

Fella is coming tonight to buy my '94 pickup and on the way to the office today the CEL comes on. It was almost right at 65,000 IIRC...do these things trip the CEL as an emissions reminder like Rovers and Jeeps? Or do I have issues? (HEH HEH) I stopped by Hurlburt Toyota in Stratham and they wouldn't even check the light unless I forked over $80. Nice. At least Jeep dealers will hook you up with that. Autozone can't check it as it's not OBDII or whatever.

Any tips? Is there a way to short circut test the light like in the FJ's?

I disconnected the Battery and let it sit for a few and the light has not returned, but IIRC it takes a few driving cycles to trip a code (in OBDII anyhow...)

Thanks guys!

Feb 23, 2005
Littleton Colorado
You will have a little diagnostic port in the engine bay( usualy on the passanger side, near the battery....) You can take a jumper wire and jump two of the ports. Always forget what they are, Te and E1????? After you do that, turn the ignition on. The check engine light will start flashing if you get a code. Count the number of flashes and that'll give you the code. If you got a owners manual you can usualy find the codes in there our you can go back to Toyota and see if they'll help anymore.... Good luck!
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