For Sale 1989 FJ62 Toyota Landcruiser Morro Bay, California (1 Viewer)

Jul 17, 2005
Morro Bay CA
Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
93442 Morro Bay California, United States
02/09/21 deposit received.

Hey everyone,

Figured i'd reach out to Mud before I go to Facebook marketplace, craigslist, ebay whatever else...

Here's the details...

1989 Toyota Lancruiser FJ62
California car its whole life
Technically still a "one owner" car due to the fact it was sold to a
private dealers collection and has never transferred ownership.
Clean CA title in hand
241,XXX miles on the clock
Extremely clean frame, I will have undercarriage photos in a few days to add to photo link
Clean Carfax report
Clean Autocheck report
No open recalls

Let me go down my detailed list, after looking over everything. I'd like to point out what is
going on with this cruiser for any possible long distance sight unseen sales. I just want to paint a very clear
picture here for anyone out of state or even thinking of making a drive to come see it. So with that let me
be the guy that'll point out the bad first and you can think about what is good.

-Dash cracked
-Fuse panel cover missing
-lower dash has a few extra random screw holes from something put on that is no longer
-windshield is cracked (OEM factory original glass) all other glass is Toyota OEM
-Drivers side front seat vinyl is torn (cloth is in excellent shape, left side bolster of foam could use rebuild)
-B post seat belt covers both sides are cracked
-Various seat belt hardware is cracked / missing due to being shut on. All belts work perfectly fine.
-Front and rear bumpers along with end caps are in poor condition / pushed in
-Rear bumper has pushed into body on both sides slightly see photos of damage.
-Viper / Clifford alarm was installed at some point in time (Barf!) Easily able to remove. Successfully fully removed and taken out gone! (I hate aftermarket alarms!)
-Aftermarket speakers up front installed and sadly a few extra screws were ran into the door cards.
-Looking at the roof it has two dents on either side same location like something was tied down once, see photos.
-missing some roof chrome trim
-snake blinders are off but included see photos of them resting in the rear 3rd row
-carpet is in good condition except the 3rd row section
-front wheel center caps missing
-drivers door "lock" switch does not work it is still there but it is just resting there
-C post drivers side interior trim piece cracked
-center console lid cracked
-power antenna not working
-battery hold down missing
-random non factory battery cables and terminal ends

Goes into 4wd just fine...

Overall I consider this a very solid rig to say the least. All of the items listed above I would
say are relatively minimal but I wanted to be as clear as possible to any buyers interested.

Price is $14,500 and with the market where it's at I think it's more than fairly priced. Especially for a two tone ;)


89 FJ62 Morro -

Call, text, or message me here anytime.

Cheers everyone,


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Dec 5, 2020
I can personally vouch for Joe. I recently purchased an 80 from him, he was very clear and upfront about the condition of the LC. Since purchase I’ve personally gone through the truck and had a shop give it a once over while performing a brake job. Everything checked out great, no surprises! I couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase.

It was my first “sight unseen” vehicle purchase and he made it as painless as possible. We’ve kept in touch and he’s helped me with PNs and links to little odd jobs and projects I have planned. Absolute pleasure to do business with.



Sep 3, 2004
Juneau, AK
Dang, this is almost exactly what I’m looking for but can’t travel for a few more months - if you still have this in April/May, I’ll be calling!

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