1989 FJ62 Just Purchaesd

Mar 22, 2007
I just purchsed my first Land Crusier 1989 fj62 193K MI.
Which I've always wanted.
I think I made good deal? $1075 its NE rig. from the original owner.
Need help Pls? Just picked today will not arrive until thurs..
It needs some work, the rear main seal leaks oil, hard hard is that to fix, how expensive is that to fix.
Can any recommend a good LC shop in Miami Fl :) :cheers:
You can post any help any help or e- mail

Zach:cheers: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Feb 20, 2006
hey zach, welcome to mud!:flipoff2:
if you look at the top of the 60 section there is a thread called : reccomend a mechanic in your area. that would be a good place to search for a mechanic near by. I have a diesel 60 and dont know much about the 2f's so i cant tell you how much work or how much it costs but you could probally do a search in the 60's section using words like "cost+main seal+2F" annd be able to find some more info. also if you havent already but ill make an assumption, you might want to read the FAQ ection at the top, there is a lot of good info in there, it might take a long time to read, but the knowledge you gain is sometimes priceless.

Oh just a heads up, try searching for info alot, although it is good to introduce yourself with a new thread, some of the grumps on here like to help out but will give you a hard time if they see the same question asked a thousand times before. But dont be afraid to fire out interesting ideas or questions, we all enjoy those and in general are a pretty good comunity.

Welcome to the addiction. :D
Apr 27, 2004
Welcome to the forum!! It's a PITA to change the rear main seal. As cody c mentioned if you do a search I don't think there is a topic that hasn't been covered. Personally I like questions that have been covered in previous threads because it gives us something to talk about. Otherwise you would rarely see any new threads on the forum.:)

Now for your problem. The only time I changed the rear main is when I rebuild the 2f. I don't see how it is possible to change it without removing the tranny, bell housing and flex plate (for the fj62). If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me.

Good Luck
Dec 21, 2005
Weaverville, NC
Welcome Zach!

You're at the beginning of a long process. Live with the truck for a while and make a list of problems that need to be fixed. You will find a number of things as the weeks go by, and if its just a little leak from the rear main seal, this might not be the #1 priority. (The part is dirt cheap, its just a bloody fortune in labor!)

Check your brakes (front disk), change every fluid in the truck, check the cooling system for leaks especially around the seams at the top (I think the radiator is a weak point of the 62), check compression, and make sure your Idle is within an acceptable range. I've even heard of having an "oil analysis" but that may be a llittle much. One of the easiest and cheapest fixes on my '89 was a valve adjustment I did myself.

I like to think of repairs in the following order: safety, reliability, and aesthetics.

When you search the forum, remember that your engine is a "3F" not a "2F." The guys and gals here on mud have helped me a whole lot! Find a local TLCA club and join up - - the knowledge some of these guys have beats even deadlerships!
Feb 15, 2006
SE Idaho
Welcome... How many miles are on it? Where are the pics? Buy the FSM. Did I leave anything out guys? If it has 250,000 plus miles and a leaking rear seal, I would ask around reputable shops to see what a rebuild will set you back. If they are going to be tearing everything apart anyway, might as well make sure they don't have to do it again for awhile. Where as it is a NE truck, check the frame rails for rust, they seem to rust out. When you get it post pics. Ask all the questions you want. Cody is right, some of the more experienced (i.e. old farts) like to give us youngn's a bad time for asking stupid questions, but they are really a good bunch of guys, and I like to think they appreciate our inexperienced creativity.

Welcome to the addiction


Rescuer of Beagles & Landcruisers
Mar 31, 2006
Central California
I would start by checking the pan bolts. They only need to be tightened to 7.9ft lbs. They do not come loose but the cork pan gasket gets hard and shrinks a bit.

Clean it and then drive it for awhile to find all of the leaks.
Feb 9, 2005
Vancouver (USA, Not Canada) WA (State, Not D.C.)
Welcome to the board and the addiction!

Turkeypen is correct, you have a 3F but it is a 3FE (fuel injected).

To change the rear main seal you will need to pull the transmission. I'm in the process of rebuilding my transmission and so I'll be replacing the seal before I reinstall the tranny.

I second the pan bolt comment. Mine were all loose and tightening them took care of most of the oil leak.

They are great trucks. Take care of it and it'll last forever. (Well, at least a really long time!)
Nov 23, 2005
As others have already said, welcome aboard.:cheers:

I'm in Tampa and have an 89 FJ62 as well.

Just had the engine replaced and the tranny in being done now (should have her back this morning...thank God!):bounce:

These are generally very reliable rigs that with proper maintenance, will last you many years.

As mentioned, find a local TLCA club and join. For the most part, most of the generic 4x4 clubs are mostly Heep drivers. They won't have the foggiest idea what to do with the 62.

Talk to others in the TLCA club and gt some recommendations for a local mechanic. Thats what I did when I choose the guy to do my trans. I'll let everyone know how it turns out.

For the $$ if the vody is in good shape and the underpinings are good, you got a bargain:)


Slow as MUD :lol: (sorry guys, had to do it)
Lousy fuel consumption rate.
Hard to find parts
expensive to have others work on:(


Gets looks from people all the time:cheers:
Get you about anywhere you want or need to go...and back again!
Tons of room inside.

Again...welcome aboard:cheers:
May 14, 2004
The Great State of Texas
Welcome to the world of Land Cruisers. You made a good choice in models (in my opinion).

Don't for get to flush the transmission. Drop the pan and clean the filter screen. If it is the OEM filter, you can just spray it clean w/ brake cleaner and put it back in place.
There are plenty of articles about doing a "PASSIVE" transmission flush. It takes at least 16 qts of ATF, but it is the single most "bang for your buck" you can do to the transmission.
Also, be sure to change the fluid in the transfer case when you change all the other fluids.
Currently 207K on our '89. Looking to keep it till the boys are out of Scouts ( that's about another 11 yrs).
Apr 27, 2004
Parts are not hard to find. There is lot of after market manufacturers and retailers where you can find pretty much any part you need if Toyota doesn't have it.
Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
True on the parts...
However, if you breakdown in BFE, chances are really good they WONT have your part!
I got my 62 last year, and she has NEVER disappointed me and, in fact, has surprised me every time.
With 220K, she doesnt burn any oil and has a dripper from where the RMS is every couple of days after wheelin.

Nice rig and get your wallet LUBED as its gonna be SMOKIN without it.



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