For Sale 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser In Florida

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United States
I posted my FJ60 for sale.

Check the link for my CL add. HMU if you want specific answers and or additional pictures.

1987 Toyota Land Cruiser




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Here's some pics I was able to post to the gallery.

Most of the oxidation is just on the surface.

Where it is clean (front wheel wells), those are the parts I was able to hit with a wire brush and applied some liquid film.

I'm still working on the rest.

I had to crawl underneath and power wash all the years of grit and red clay off to get it where it is now to inspect the condition of it.

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Nice seeing another Emerald coaster on mud. I enjoyed your Craigslist ad...well written.

On to the rig: what do you mean by transmission is worn. Trouble shifting?

I’m interested but a little nervous it would be biting off a lot with first 60
Man, this looks like a great rig to start with. I was down there with a trailer two weeks ago delivering a car!

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