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Feb 24, 2007
Goodlettsville tn
Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
Gallatin Tennessee, United States
87 fj 60
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$8500 Truck has 247k For mileage. Let me start by saying that I’m not interested in parting anything out. If I keep this thing, I’ve bought parts that I intend on using.

Motor/transmission/xfer case pulled and resealed @ 245K New brake master cyl, rear wheel cyls, new 4runner front calipers. New pads and shoes. Tank pulled/boiled/sealed. New clutch PP/throwout brg. New master/slave cylinder. All rubber hoses replaced. (Brake, clutch, coolant, heater) Radiator cleaned and new water pump installed. Motor was desmogged. Pulled vanes out of airpump. Trollhole carburetor, HEI distributor, also installed a header. Does have a freeflowing cat on it as well as new full exhaust. Both driveshafts have new u joints installed. Birfields resealed. Truck does not leak a drop of anything.

Interior has typical wear. Drivers seat has usual crack/tear. Stock dash pad is cracked. Carpet is dirty but not torn up. Headliner is intact, no tears but little dirty. Windshield has a couple nicks and should be replaced. Radio has been changed. Missing speaker grill on one door. Carpet in cargo area has been replaced at some time. All gauges work. AC does not work, didn’t work when I got it. (Compressor not locked up) Tach reads high after HEI upgrade and haven’t looked into it. Rear heater works. 1 key works ignition and all locks.

Exterior has all original paint except pass front fender has been painted at some point. All trim still present except strips that go over rocker panels. I have them both, but one is missing a plastic end piece. Has door dings and scratches, but nothing a thimble full of filler wouldn’t fix. Truck does not have any places that are rusted thru and that’s why I purchased it. Does have some surface rust at bottom of rear pass side cargo window. (Looks like water set in it). Frame has some surface rust in the problem areas but nothing significant. Sitting on 15x7 Ansen aluminum wheels and I have a matching spare. Replaced the stock mirrors. I do have the stock mud flaps that were removed.

Plans were to pull glass and have painted. First a divorce, then my father passed. I haven’t touched it in 2yrs. I’ve inherited a more interesting project and this one may sit for a couple more before I get to it.

Parts that I’ve accumulated for it. ARB front bumper, OME greaseable shackles and polyurethane leaf spring bushings. Front windshield and rear hatch glass gaskets. Also all 4 window run channels. New Spectre sliding cargo rear windows w/gaskets. New dash cover, HID headlights, AC Condenser and dryer. Tie rod ends and all ball joints for front end. New xtra distributor, Jim C. Pulley to eliminate air pump.
Aug 13, 2018
Man that's great. Be safe! Fingers crossed I hear back from you, been searching for a 60 a while now. I have a 100 Series '98 and love it.
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