Parting Out 1984 fj60 part out in pa

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Jan 12, 2006
United States
Parting out entire 84 fj60 as it has no title. Starts and runs fine. Body and doors have a bit of rust. Good clean bumpers. The only thing not available at this time is the power steering pump. Prefer local pick up on bigger items but willing to ship if need be. Can reach me here or 6103609549.
Cond of B pillar covers?
Stock radio?
Interested in front bumper and front seat cloth if brown. Need pictures
If the passenger seat is blue/gray and in good condition I'm interested!
* Interested on the Rear Panel Driver Side if you can cut it 13inches width x 13inches height?

Thank you,
Grey interior? Looking for front seat belt receivers in good condition. Also in line for non dented front bumper. Pictures and availability appreciated.
Tan interior
Actually decided to part out my blue/gray cruiser instead of tan. Same year 84 fj60. Sorry for confusion. Will respond with condition / pics this evening.
I'm still interested in the passenger seat them
Smog Pump? If SB Closer doesn't need/want it
Great thanks. OP in for smog pump if available, not seized. Thanks
Mace, pics sent. Greata plastic receiver covers are both slightly cracked, broke at the very top. I will check on engine components tomorrow. Thanks for the patience.
hello, im looking for the carpet piece thats behind the upper portion of the rear seat. Im also looking for a headlight washer resivor if uncracked and rear most section of exhaust tailpipe (muffler back) if its not rusted. Thank you, Colby
is the power steering pump available now? If so I'd like a price on the power steering pump with pulley and the mounting bracket. Thanks

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