1982 HJ47 Troopy

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Jan 29, 2009
Hey guys,

I have been lurking here for quite some time. I have learned a lot and now that my HJ47 has arrived I want to get it up and rolling. I have a problem right now in that it won't start. I don't know if it is because of a clogged fuel filter, bad starter or what. My question is what is the easiest way to get this problem fixed. Where would I look to start finding a new starter if it turns out that the starter is the problem? I am located in Hillsdale, Mi. Where should I start looking to find fuel filter oil filters and air filters? any help would be greatly appreciated

The Stinky Kid
It sounds like you need to run through things with a meter... check battery voltage, check voltage to starter, etc. It wouldn't hurt to clean up where your grounds hit the body/frame either. While you have the meter out, check out your fuses, or replace if they are crusty. Go through you glow plugs and glow controls!!! Make sure you have the right plugs, and that they are still functional.

Your filters are all available though the dealer, or you can get Wix filters that fit from Napa, Carquest, or anyplace that sells Wix. They will need to be special ordered, so plan on a weeks wait for them.

Pictures of your new ride are required for further assistance! ;) You should throw in some of your engine bay, so that we can see what you are dealing with.

Good Luck
..And you both should stick your troopies on the Mud troopy registry; the link is in my signature:) Congratulations on the delivery of your new toy!

From your brief description, it sounds like the starter is not even spinning. (a clogged filter will not keep the engine from spinning, so likely not that) Go for the simple stuff first: is the battery lead hooked up? Is the small wire to the solenoid hooked up? My Grandfather used to say about things like this: 'If the TV doesn't work, make sure it is plugged in before you ring the repair man.'

Chances are that it is something simple- after all, the whole rig is simple...


HJ47 has it right.

What, precisely is it not doing?

As for parts--CDan. Search for "cruiserdan" here, at American Toyota, in NM. If there's a part available from Toyota--he'll find it. Might take some researching, but with a little legwork you'll be able to get the good, reliable Toyota parts.

So: put it on the registry. Put pictures up here. Describe in detail what it is or isn't doing. Buy the FSM. Get it fixed and drive it.

Yeah, "doesn't start" is a bit vague - - do you mean that the starter isn't kicking over or that it is kicking over but the engine won't start anyway?

If the starter isn't kicking over, then your first line of investigation would be electrical - find if you are getting power to the starter relay first. If there is power to the relay, and you hear an audible 'click', and nothing at the starter, then either the connection between them if awry or the starter is suspect.

If there is no juice to the starter relay, then you need to check electrical connections at the battery, the fusible links, and the connections through the ignition switch. If the fusible links and battery connection are good, you would have power to the ignition switch.

Anyway, there are a few places to start...
I'll take a guess and say that the fuel tank was drained for shipping. That would mean that the fuel injection system most likely needs to have the air bled out of it.

Stinky Kid, do you know if your truck is a manual or automatic glow system? I think the 82 is manual. If it is are you doing a proper glow cycle?
Hey guys Thank you for the replies I don't have much time but I did want to let you know that I will be getting pictures up today and begin trouble shooting tonight...I'll be back

Thanks again


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