For Sale 1982 2F bottom end

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Sep 8, 2008
Nashville, TN
I pulled the head off this running and driving 2F to do a refresh and found the head to be cracked.

Unable to find a good head to put on this motor I ended up starting again with another engine that I'm currently rebuilding from the ground up that will replace this one.

Full disclosure; Compression before the head was pulled was good on all cylinders except #1 which was 90. Upon doing a leak down test I determined it was a bad exhaust valve causing this, hence the reason to pull the head.

Things that I need for my other 2F that I'm robbing off this motor is the bell housing, fuel pump, motor mounts, alternator bracket, distributor (maybe)

Its still in my FJ45, I can pull it pretty much anytime


Located in Nashville, TN


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