For Sale 1978 FJ40, Portland, OR

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Hi Mudders,

My wife has decided to sell her FJ40 which she has owned for 22 years. She purchased it from a gent in Washington State. Over the years she and her dad did some restoration work on it, and she and I have done a bit too. It doesnt get driven like it should, so we should find a loving home for it. It's been stored inside for the majority of it's life, and it shows. Many new parts were put on- badges, door weather stripping, headliner from Specter, interior insulation, front and rear rubber mats, new windshield and rubber, and more. I'll dig the receipts out and add to this post.

It has around 80k miles- I will get the exact # later, I forgot to look.

It was repainted around 18 years ago in a blue 'close' to the OG blue, but perhaps a touch lighter. The paint is still in excellent shape other than the hood, which has some weird texturing on it and a small rust area. There is very little rust anywhere else. Many of the body pieces were stripped at Superior Stripping Service in Vancouver. The chassis is in nice shape, just a bit dirty.

We had work done at Land Cruiser NW in 2009: T-case seal, plugs, cap, rotor, carb rebuild, oil change, jets, filter, and installed a CAT to try to pass DEQ. (It didnt, but could with a bit more work)

It has a 3" (+/-) rough country lift installed by the previous owner. Newer rancho shocks. 33" BFG MT KM's, the skinny ones you cant get anymore. They are in excellent shape, no cracking, very few miles. Wheels are Eagle alloys, purchased the same time as the tires. They all hold air perfectly. 33x10.50R15, Same size spare but not the same tire.

Warn 8k winch on a big bumper. Works perfectly, and includes a tow bar. Newer Costco battery.

Bolt in roll cage by previous owner. The rear heater is out, but it's included.

Toyota mini-truck Power steering. Works great, although it doesnt recenter very quickly.

The original 2F was overheated and killed, so we put in a good running 2F from a 60 series Land Cruiser but used all the same accessories from the original engine. It's got headers, and a Holley Carb. It's tuned a bit rich right now. It smokes a bit until it warms up. It never used to, it probably started from sitting. The Toyota carb is included.

The auxiliary rear fuel tank and skid are included but not installed. No Stereo.

Due to sitting, it's developed a front left outer axle seal leak (I think), as well as a drip from the parking brake.

This is a hard one to sell, and we are not in a hurry. Please see the pictures, and let me know if you have any questions or would like to see specific pictures. I'll ad more to the post when I have access to the folder of receipts. It runs and drives nicely, shifts fine. 4WD works. Warn Hubs.

We are thinking around $24k, and are open to offers. I can deliver it in the PNW.


PS: I didnt wash it in these pics, sorry!










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I had one same color. In hind sight it was one of my favorites. Good Luck with sale!

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