SOLD 1977 FJ40 Original 2F Runs. Aliso Viejo, CA

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United States
I have a 1977 FJ40 for sale. Original 2F engine that is running. Clear AZ Title in hand. Asking $8,800.
It’s listed on eBay with complete description & more pics.
Ebay item #143253453533
Put # into search bar at top of EBay homepage & listing will come up.

Feel free to call or text with questions or if you’re interested in buying it.


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Nice write up. Just FYI, stock for a South American FJ40 was not ambulance doors. You have the stock rear configuration for that region. Good luck with the sale.
Thanks for info on the ambi doors-good to know Eagle. I wasn’t aware Toyota did that for S.America fj40 market. Thank you
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It’s getting tough to find an fj40 nowadays with the original engine that runs, for less than $9K that isn’t a total beater/rust bucket or completely modified/molested.
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