1976 FJ40 Automatic Conversion and Transplant

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Nov 27, 2009
Chugiak Alaska
Hey guys, This 1976 FJ40 is my wifes. She loves it but hates the manual transmission..... the only reason for the conversion is so my wife will have her automatic....

So today I did buy an entire 1992 S-10 Blazer, for a grand total of $250. :steer: I drove it home over 19 miles, through town and on they highway, unregistered, 2009 tags on the plates, no muffler, but got it home without being pulled over by the Alaskan State Troopers.!! yea!:clap:



I loved the way it shifted, that TH700R4 is sweet! The motor ran well, it has 173,000 on it, not bad for a $250 car!!:clap:

So, now I'll pull the engine and tranny, and keep the steering wheel (tilt) and a few other odds & ends and drop the hulk in the salvage yard!:D

Then next step will be do a rebuild on the engine and tranny! :cheers:
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Subscribed. Which engine do you have from the Blazer? Is it the 4.3? I have one in my S-10 and love it. I wanted to install one in my 40, but never found a good one for sale in the time I had to shop for a motor.
Yep the 4.3, I'm really psyc'd about it! I've rebuilt some vw's and 1 350 but never this one, so it will be somewhat different but from what I've read this V6 is just like the 350 without cylinders 3 & 6, so it should be easy!:rolleyes: not that anything is easy... lol
But fun! :bounce:
I really lucked into this one!

Well, hockey game at 4 Alaska time, Vancouver vs the Bruins, Go Bruins! Maybe after the game I'll start the tear down... depends, we'll be having a few people over for the game so..... at worst I'll start Thurday!!:wrench::flipoff2:
Good luck with your rebuild! The 700R4's are not too expensive to have rebuilt. I bought one from a shop for $550 to put in my 40 behind a 305.

I remember reading that Vortecs were not rebuildable because of thin cylinder wall thickness, but I am wondering if they were talking about the newer aluminum block ones. Hope you can rebuild yours.
I'll keep ya'll up to date, I don't think I'll have a problem "refreshing" the engine, it's essentially the SBC with cylinders 3 and 6 lopped off... I've even seen an article in Hot Rod where they took a supper charger for the V8 350 and used it on the V6 with little modification.... hmmmmmm:hmm:

I have the manuals for both the engine and transmission on the way....plan to do it myself. :hillbilly: what fun!!:wrench:
Nice 40, Carl !! If it keeps the :princess: happy, it's worth it !!
I'm jealous, I would have loved to rebuild my failed 700. Just didn't feel confident enough. Can't wait to see how it comes out.
Hey Alex! Read about your ROTW, sweet! I can't wait to get that far.... I'm just hoping to get it running before 1st snow here, well actually by the end of August, 1st snow is at least sometime in September, and sticking snow mid October...:rolleyes: Love Alaska! :clap:

Hi Steve, I may be naive but I have rebuilt many an engine and tranny with nothing but a manual and the required tools, number 1 being patience!! I am in awe of the amount of experience on this forum, what a wealth of info and fun guys!!!
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I love to rebuild engines, at least when I can afford it :) I have never done a tranny and would love to some day. They do intimidate me a bit, but mostly it's just a lack of the right tools. Can't wait to see how yours come out.
Well, spent most of today after the obligatory take the wife to Saturday Market, cleaning and organizing the garage, not one moment did I work on pulling my engine/transmission!!:doh:
But I feel tomorrow is the day!
Also today I hauled my 2007 Yamaha V Star over to my father-in-laws for him to sell for me as well as a 1982 Suzuki 450 that I bought over 3 years ago to restore.... oh an my 1986 Pontiac Fiero V6 4 speed.... all to be sold... my father in law lives in a great neighborhood to sell stuff... or he's just great selling stuff... ether way, I give him 10% and he has fun talking to people!! :p

So with those gone soon, I'll have even more $'s to play with soon!!! Also I used Paypal to pay for my parts today, Front motor mounts, Rear motor mounts, Crossmember, 2 Pulse VSS, 50-8902 Transfer-case adapter, 716370 Front flange/joint, Alum. Rad with combined transmission cooler. Next time I'm home all my parts will be there waiting for me!!! :clap: sweet!

Can't remember if I mentioned this but I work a 2 week on, 2 week off schedule, so when I'm finished working, I have 2 weeks off til I go back to work, and that means next time I'm home I'll have 14 days in a row to do work on my rig!! That's nice! and cant wait, I leave this coming Wednesday then back in 2!:cheers:

Well, I'll keep the updating going with some engine pulling pics shortly!!

Hmmmmm! well remember it is technically her 40, so what ever :princess: wants, :princess: gets!!
Today was spent mostly in the pursuit of safely taking things off... when I was to slide up under that Blazer, by myself with my wife and father in law both 20 plus miles away, I decided that an extra set of jack stands was a very good idea. Hammering on the drive shaft union at the diff, did a world of good, the dirt fell, I had my safety goggles on! :clap: so happy!
So what did I accomplish today?
coolent drained
hoses removed
Drive shaft off!
Im curious, I generally drain the engine oil and transmission, but wondered, is that really necessary? It would be simpler to just drain them out of the vehicle..... I use a plug on tranny rear so nothing should leak...

Anyway, did not get as far as I would have liked, found a couple interesting things since my younger days....
a) It's a lot more trouble getting up from under the car to find that other socket...
b) It's a lot harder to read those d@mn socket numbers!
c) I worry more about my garage floor.... dang, I've had 3 years to paint it!!!
d) I need an assistant!!

I guess you're right. My wife doesn't complain as much if I'm fixing HER car ;)

Sorry I'm not closer or I could give ya a hand. Can't read the socket numbers anymore, but I can usually pick the right size by feel. :D
Hey, thanks!

Yeah I need a buddy! lol I'm like the kid who is home sick and all his friends are in school!! lol

What I thought was HILARIOUS was, I was under the car, and had to change sockets, so I reach over and pick one of 3 up, look at it, can't read it.... so I do what comes natural, I try to move it further away from my face, of course I'm under a car.... bang hand hits the floor boards and dirt goes every where... lucky me I'm wearing my goggles!! :flipoff2: hilarious!

Well, back at it today! Must... leave.... computer... must get to garage!!! :rolleyes:

Well the front clip would not come off after all the bolts were out, so 30 seconds with a saws-all bingo, instant access!!


This will be all I can do for now! Everything is disconnected from the engine, all wiring, air compressor, and ready for me to come back home and pull it!
It really sucks to leave at this point but I wll love it in 2 weeks when I'm back home with nothing to do for 14 days but work on the FJ!!:cheers:
My :princess: tells me I got a HEAVY box from Downey, she was irrated that it was sooooo heavy!!! lol :clap:
All the mounts and AA adapter and misc parts and pieces I ordered from Jim! I can't wait to check it out as I do go back home tomorrow!!:cheers:

I'd love to see how this turns out. Here about how it drives, and the fuel economy you get.

I'm happy with my 350, but some day I may have to switch to an auto...:crybaby: That is if my knee gives out before they'll do a knee replacement.

Hi Bikersmurf!
I was planning at the end of last year for a 4BD1T Isuzu 3.9 conversion but her experiance with my FORD F-350 diesel is that she thinks they are noisy.... I do have to turn if off to order at Taco Bell.... lol
So since it is her's I started thinking of doing the SBC, which I have an engine laying in my garage... but then the V6/4.3 captivate my imagination and I lucked into a cheap package. The rest will be just time/effort/money!!
I think it's going to be a sweet ride!! Sorry to hear about your knee..... my wife had knee surgery 2 years ago for a torn ACL, replaced it with her own ligaments... she still hurts.... but her knee is 100%!

Hey Steve!!! LOL!! ummmm, no way!!! I'll be home by 7pm tonight, plan on making wings and watching 2 weeks of DVR'd back log of TV tonight.... Sweet!
I'll keep ya'll updated... oh it snowed at work today.... horizonally 34 degs F, High today 37, glad I'm leaving!!!

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