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1970s 40, 350/TH350 on Megasquirt 1 PCB3.0

Discussion in 'HardCore Corner' started by toyotaspeed90, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. toyotaspeed90


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    Mar 27, 2013
    Sedro Woolley, WA
    A little update.....

    I still have to modify the throttle and kickdown linkage.....

    The wiring isn't the prettiest girl at the ball, but it's getting the job done.

    LC2 requires, so they claim, a minimum of 24" from the head to the o2 sensor. The narrowband is on the driver side and the shortest tube is about 22" from the o2.... For now, I pulled the exhaust off the passenger side, welded in the bung, and it's sitting around 28" or so (maybe even longer.... it's much further down, I didn't even measure). There isn't an H nor crossover pipe in the exhaust.... so once it's pretty well tuned, I'll throw the sensor on the (shorter) driver side to check/verify, but given this is just TBI (short of there being a mechanical problem with the engine) I am assuming the AF will be very similar side to side.

    I wired the LC2 separate from the MS, as the LC2 suggests.... and since I'm not sold I want this to be a permanent install, it's just (well) zip tied to the MS itself and ran wiring separate from the MS/firewall location.

    I also picked up a serial 9 (RS232) to USB adapter, tested Tunerstudio (which actually wasn't all that fun since it took quite a bit of time for the adapter to actually work)... then purchased the licenses for Tunerstudio Ultra and Megalog HD.

    Since I mentioned it, and have since made a couple small changes (narrow to wideband) here is some info pertaining to my starting fuel map/lambda sensor/AFR target map.

    I do plan to richen the low load (cruise) area a bit to force the engine to run a little cooler. I don't want/expect in any way for this to get even decent gas mileage, that isn't what I'm after.

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