1962 FJ 40 D'animal

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I haven't heard a "NO" in 10 minutes so, I'm going for it.

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This story goes back a long time. I have alway been facinated by the simplicity of the older FJ Land Cruiser. I got my first one, a 1976 FJ 40 w 66k miles on it from the original owner and I built it up, like many young people do.

I have attended the Georg Invitational FJ 45 Run and was amazed at the rigs there. I was amazed the passion that some of the drivers have towards thier rigs. One day I will own a true FJ 45 worhty of working on the farm.

I stop in Valley Hybrid and FC Fabrication when I'm rolling through the area. I'm sometimes amazed of the rigs. A clean, mint conditon rig in for a V-8 and a SOA so 35's will fit. Sitting right next to it is a BJ 45 or a Troopy that needs a restoration polished off or just finished.

I have been kinda looking for an older one to restore back to original. I found a pretty clean 1964 FJ 40 FST that someone did an entire Chevy power train conversion on. It looked sad so I got it from the owner and told him to buy a Jeep or a Chevy Blazer. I haven't began the De-Chevy of it yet but it is getting closer.

A few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to meet Jon Pardi, he gave me a tour of his shop I saw the spark of passion in his eye for the older rigs. He has been doing this a long time and is a wealth of knowledge. The conversation goes from the late 50's and early 60's to his newish Tacoma. No mention of the SMOG and Emissions laden Land Cruisers at all. It really rekindled my passion since I now have a "Go To" guy for questions on the old stuff. John has a passion for the older rigs but also has an older rig built for wheeling anywhere, anytime.

The weekend after I met John Pardi, I met Whitey45 and Rockcod again. They were doing some stuff with some oler rigs and listening to them talk, they had a passion for the older rigs but also both have built rigs for wheeling. Sweet.
Well getting to the point, I found THE rig. This rig has been posted on Mud for awhile and has been on Craigs List a few times. No takers. "OrangeFJ45" passed on it as did "My Wife Said No FJ". Dean actually sent me the pictures and the gentlemans phone number. I contacted him and arrangements were made to go and look at it. It was a 11 hour drive there and a 12 hour drive back.

During the 4.5 hour conversation with the owner (Matt) he mentioned how much Poser has helped him and how much help the MUD community has been in building his 1971 FJ 40. His 1971 was 20 or so miles away, so the first thing we did was go and get it so it would be at his house so he could work on it.

We then loaded this up, after I bought it. :D

I think this is the barn find that people will talk about for years.

A 1963 FJ 40 that he bought from the original owner. The original owner passed away after starting work on it and this was torn apart in the barn. After a few years, the widow sold it to Matt in boxes and pretty much how you see it. Has had it two years and has done nothing to it other than ttry to get his money out of it a few times.
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Dude...you guys are killing me :lol:

I knew it was a great find...just to darn far from me...at least I was right...I kinda thought it was going to a good home, and I knew once you had it that you would restore it. Also nice that you got the original hood, as I know Matt had some plans for it.

BTW..those turns signals are nice, but the other ones in the box are the real gems :)

I have a '64, and no one has kicked me out of here yet...but I do have plans on '59 FJ25, so I don't know if this is why I'm still here :eek:

Oh, before I forget, I know someone selling a '62 PTO gear box, and drive shaft...I'll send you an e-mail.

Cool...really happy it worked out for you :cheers:
These are the real lights you need to handle with care...and people are really looking for a good set to make copies of their original lenses!

You even got a jack and tools...no fair :crybaby:
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