16x7 & 255's


Jun 5, 2003
So I picked up a set of 4Runner wheels real cheap ( and I mean real).

Contemplating running a set of 255/85r16's on them.

The wheels are 16x7's.

Let the opinions begin.......

Because we all know "Opinions are like ---------, Everyone has one"

Aug 25, 2015
Northern Virginia
Dude, I’m loving my 255s. Loving them. But our rigs are for sure different. I was sold after some research I did and compared it to what I wanted out of the FJ vs. the alternative. Time will tell for sure. I’m in the honeymoon phase still. A buddy sold me on them so... I only have regular road (with recent snow/ice patches), utility trailer pulling, and long gravel road experience in the last few days, but that with the anecdotal evidence of others and some semi-scientific stuff I was reading has me feeling good about the choice. I have an “instant MPG gauge” on my fancy pants head unit and that looks promising compared to the 285 wildpeaks that I returned. Same roads, and I took notes. The 255s I got are only a pound or 2 lighter and same load range, but the rolling resistance is a factor. It’s all about contact patch and pressure vs. surface area. There is the float vs. cut argument, which “some” say a 255 cuts better than a 285 will float. I think moving to 35s the float would be better. I have never had 35” tires of any kind so I can’t comment. The biggest I ever ran was 295 in a terra grappler. This is my first skinny but I may soon be a full convert. Too early to say. Again, I have a friend who wheels all the time who swears by them. If I was building a straight crawler I might go a different direction.

One thing I will say is getting kick out sliders has moved up my list some as the TT rock rails are just too close and I will need something out there a bit. Also my rims will be more likely to take damage. I’ll be at the v-day trail ride so we can chat about my experience afterwards. I will be driving across the country next year solo so That played into my choice as well for different terrain types.
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