12ht ! which models had them ?

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Any if the pickups have them?

Not from the factory AFAIK.

Some Australian companies fitted them to 75 series cab chassis with extended length bus bodies. But not from the factory.
I think a MWB 73/74 series with a 12HT factory fitted would be an amazing landcruiser
I'm trying to find a 12ht and 5 speed to drop in my fj45,
anyone know of where or who sells used ?

Getting hard to find decent ones and parts are also an issue. How about a 1HZ with a turbo, you could get similar power to a 12HT for probably 50-60% of the cost of a 12HT with full parts availability.
There are a few engine importers in Australia who sell 12ht engines from japan but they want 6 1/2 grand AU. I would be to buying a complete hj61 truck and import it and then strip it down and sell the parts to help recoup some money.

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