12/82 Transfer case front out put shaft seal. Replacing it..

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Noob, but trying to learn
May 30, 2011
Pflugerville Tx
So In my 12/872 fj60 the front our put shaft on the transfer-case is leaking.

Not something I've ever done before, but i saw video on several other toyota 4x4 xfer cases of similar , and looked at the expoloded parts diagrams on SOR and Mega zip and it looks prety straight forward...if the Xfer case is on the bench.

(Video that looks pretty similar, For a mini truck, but the rear shaft, which is eaiser to get too...)

(Fj40 video, does teh seal abotu 4 min in )

Are there any vids, walkthroughs, or Hints about doing it in the truck? That transmission crossmember sure looks like it's gonna be right in the way.

I have an FSM for up to 1980(that I bought for my 40), but no FSM for an 82, but I figure it's pretty close.


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On vehicle seal replacement for the front output ahaft isn't mentioned in the factory manual for a reason. It's not the best way to do it — the output shaft is in the way.

There's no consensus or best way to replace it while still on the vehicle. Just dig the old one out with whatever tools you can come up with and try to tap the new seal in using a piece of suitable sized pipe. Lube it before attempting to install it.
Thanks, OSS, I appreciate it.
There is a procedure--see attached. There are a couple of SSTs, but as OSS says you can probably make due with a prying tool and a piece of pipe.


  • transfer output shaft seal replacement.pdf
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It's actually pretty easy to fix on the vehicle. A seal puller will remove the dront or rear output seal without issues.
You'll need:
stake nut
2 drain plug gaskets
do yourself a favor and update to the 10mm allen style drain plugs.

We have everything on hand for these repairs, a-la-carte.

Happy to help!

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