100 Series Door Lock Relay Location? (1 Viewer)

Oct 6, 2020
Recently just got my hands on a 2000 LC with about 163k miles. The only issue I have is the door locks. When I got it, there is no remote to lock/unlock the doors. So I thought I could just use the driver and passenger door buttons until i get a new remote. The buttons on both side will unlock ALL four doors and the rear entry. But it will NOT lock them, i can hear the relay under the dash click but thats the only noise(if its the relay i might be wrong). I can manually lock/unlock them all with my hands. So mechanically they are working fine. I can spam the buttons and it will unlock consistently so i assume the motor of the actuators are okay. What are the chances they are all bad?

My next thought the relay is bad, when pressing the lock button I can hear a clicking noise under the dash. But I cannot find the source of the noise, i assume the noise is the relay and i am trying to replace it but i cant pinpoint the location. any suggestions will be great.

sorry for poor grammar, english is my second language.

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