1/4 ton trailer buy- Anyone want one???

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Dec 26, 2006
Mt. Millis
After drooling over Jason's trailer last Sunday I am now obsessed with getting one. I've also been talking to RapoVT and he wants one too. There are one or two people on MUD that are selling several trailers. We're thinking of a group buy.

Not sure of the exact prices and if it will actually happen. We'll get a better deal I'm sure if we band together and order at the same time. Shipping will also work better if consolidated.

Anyone interested?? Best price so far is $850 including delivery. Might be able to get that down a bit.

Check with Todd in NJ for CDNM101's. I paid $650 for one that needed minor work. Other trailers that need little or no work sell for $750.

Todd.Oldenburg [fj4079@comcast.net]
I guess yers. Got that price from someone else. Vermont and MA are practically next door to each other.
Wasn't sure if the group buy went to one location.

Are they assembled?

I've had a hard-on for these for years. Had a rusty m416 back in the day, but it was stolen.
Slap a lid on it, throw in the camping gear and a canoe, hook it to the 40 with a soft top and you've got my idea of a perfect summer home.

psst...my wife is gonna cut off my fun parts.
I got the email back from the guy on ebay. He is in montreal. His price is $949 on ebay. He said come pick up or he could deliver. I will ask him how much for 6 or more delivered to Vt.
Is that USD or CAN dollars? I'll be living up near NH soon so I could pick up in late June. I'd pay first obviously. The other guy's price is better if the the Motnreal guy is USD.

A road trip to Montreal to pick up would be nice. Had my bachelor party there. Filthy.....
Just got the email back. $865 for 6 or more delivered to my house. I go to canada and pick up maple equiptment and it can be tough at the border. I will email him and feel him out
$835 delivered

here are some pics. They look pretty nice.
RapoVT- Is it $835 or $865? You had 2 prices down. If you can get it to Winchendon, MA that would help me out huge. I'm definitely in!
posting that pic was pure evil! i gotta call my buddy to see if i can keep it at his house before i can buy one. the future wife cant know yet... shhhhhhhhhhh
I agree...Evil. I want one too, but alas, still paying for my other stuff.

Count me out on this one :doh:
Just found out my Troopy will be here on the 9th. I need to get one quickly and paint it Mustard Yellow. My wife will also hate me.
His best price is $835 for 6 trailers delivered to one place. He would sell without axle and tires for $750 each(I plan on replacing axle and tires). I have plenty of room to store and a forklift to unload the truck. They can go somewhere else if it is more centrally located. I have a trailer that would probaly fit 4 or 5 on. Peepers tell your future wife "the guy with the most toys wins!!!"
For the $85 difference I'll take the whole thing. I'll be switching the tires too but a spare never hurt! Cool about having storage space for a bit. That'll help. I can pick up around late June after I've moved North.

What's our total count??
I'm on the fence but have been watching this thread.

How does everyone expect to get their trailers home from the drop off point?

If RapoVT can drop yours off in Winchendon (at his convenience,) I can tow it to my new house in Groton, MA at thje end of June.

It's a lot to ask of him but if we all work together it'll be a hell of a Fall gathering with the new beasts in tow!!!

Groveland to Groton is probably 45 mins? Near Rte 2 and 495.

I'll be commuting to Winchendon as of June so I can shuttle some back to Groton when it's convenient for all involved.

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