07 GX Subwoofer Crackle

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May 15, 2016
Colorado Springs
I'm not a speaker guru by any means, but I have a terrible snap/crackle/pop (Rice Krispies) coming from the sub when songs with heavier bass hit. The speaker looks fine visually to me, and nothing is loose in the enclosure. Am I just bumping too hard or do I need to look at replacement foam or speaker itself?


The factory sub isn't big enough..so it gets overwhelmed easily. Drake wasn't a big thing with soccer moms in the 2000s :p
Could be the voice coil has given up the ghost. Might as well replace the whole speaker since you're already deep in there. I replaced mine with a 10$ 6" woofer from Amazon and it works fine. It was a Pyle dual voice coil so you can opt to wire it for 8 ohms if you like. Honestly you can barely hear it unless sitting in the rear seats so I'm not sure it's even worth the effort lol!

Car Vehicle Subwoofer Audio Speaker - 6 Inch Non-Pressed Paper Cone, Black Steel Basket, Dual Voice Coil 4 Ohm Impedance, 600 Watt Power, Foam Surround for Vehicle Stereo Sound System - Pyle PLPW6D
I did a little JL Audio sub that fit relatively well in the stock enclosure.
Can't see the link/image but yes you can just solder it in, and I had to shave down the speaker to fit the enclosure which was kind of a pita btw. A rotary tool worked ok but kinda made a mess. Some weatherstripping between the enclosure and speaker is a good idea for a nice tight seal as well.
I have no clue. 2013 project at the stereo shop. I believe it's was around a 5" driver but they had to cut and revise the housing for the magnet

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