'06 Slee Build

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Aug 29, 2011
Santa Barbara, CA
Just finished installing the sliders and am finished except for new tires which go on tomorrow.
Bought it in south Tx- 94xxx miles. Took almost 4 weeks to get to Golden and Christo's shop- the trucker out of San Antonio went through Amarillo where he got his truck impounded.
At any rate, I picked it up last Friday from Slee where Christo, Amory and Ben did the transformation from a soccer mom car(I have gummie bears, Mickey Mouse toys and a ton of candy wrappers from the back seat to prove it) to a seriously capable TLC.

OME heavy lift w/ sport comfort shocks, torsion bars and diff drop
Slee blueberry bumper with Warn 9.5 XP winch w/synthetic cable
Slee rear bumper w/ladder and jerrycan holder and rear tire carrier
High lift jack
Aux light harness.

Looks great and drives amazingly well- much better on the highway (Hwy 40 from just west of Golden to Park City) than my neighbors stock TLC (altho to be fair, his has 198000 miles).

Kudos to Christo and gang. I was very nervous sending a truck I had never seen to someone I had never met in a shop I had never been to to do work totalling about 1/3 of the price of the truck. The Slee gang couldn't have been better. From discussing my build ideas to implementation, everything went great. They didn't try to sell an obvious rookie things I didn't need and their workmanship both in the manufacturing of the bumpers etc and the installation are as high quality as I had expected and hoped for. You can take this as an unqualified endorsement of Slee, it's people, products and workmanship:clap:.

Christo has given me all the tools to get out there and enjoy. Now I just need to get educated enough to do it safely which shouldn't be hard with the wealth of information, experience and expertise that is available on this forum.

Thanks to all you guys and gals from a long-time lurker who is happy ( finally!!) to have really joined the Hundy club:beer::beer:

Pics tomorrow after I get the new tires.
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Looking forward to the photos. Sounds like a nice build. No Slee under armor?
what tires are you going with? Welcome, and it sounds like you have one heck of a start.
Looking forward to seeing the pics..............
pics... PICS!!! :bounce::bounce:

You should fill out your profile, at least a general location so you can find some people to go wheeling with!

I'm in So. Cal.

Useless without.jpg
Congrats on the purchase. Sounds like a great start on the build. Sure wish I could have gone that route....
Great looking cruiser.:clap:
Could you post up a full side profile shot? The gap looks off on the front bumper from the one pic you posted.:hmm: I’m curious if that is the case and if that was the best they could adjust it?
I’m just about ready to order on myself.
Answers in order -

No armour- I'm trying not to go into 5 figures worth of mods until after I at least get to use it.

Slee only did an oil change- 90k service + water pump and plugs next week- guess I'll get into 5 figures before I get to use it.

Nitto Grapplers 5-275/75/18- what was I thinking? I'm already into 5 figures!!

Profile soon now that I actually have a hundy to talk about.

A couple more pics. For better pics, look at UJZ100elkhuntr's pics- Mine is an exact copy with the addition of the extra stuff on the back bumper and a 9.5 xp winch.

Thanks for the inspiration elkhuntr!!
Looks great!

Nitto Grapplers 5-275/75/18- what was I thinking? I'm already into 5 figures!!

I didn't know they made atire in that size? I used to run a 275/70R18 because I couldn't find a 275/75R18.
what is the tire in inches. i love your build, but it looks like the least aggressive part of the build.?.?
good stuff, post some pics when you hit the trail. congrats again.
How does it drive on the 275/75/18 tires? Does that affect the driving characteristics...

Looks great, congrats.

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