1. suprarx7nut

    12 Hole Injector Upgrade - Finally Tested

    With the help of the ih8mud community, we were finally able to test the 12 hole injector upgrade. See the video below. Huge thanks to @RiverRatMatt @BuckeyeFan and @J1000 for stepping up to the plate and ponying up with contributions. As far as I can tell we were able to produce the most...
  2. suprarx7nut

    Builds  The YotaMD Build - Cypress

    This may as well be titled "The LX that 'Mud Built" because without the Mud community support of YotaMD this would not exist. So I offer an upfront and sincere "Thank You!" to you awesome folks that support your community vendors like YotaMD. Now, let's dive into the fun stuff. 2006 LX470 in...
  3. suprarx7nut

    What does Your Remote Look Like?

    I'm releasing a remote for the FJ Cruiser soon. I want to make sure I correctly identify the years that have this style remote on the FJ. Can you folks comment whether or not this is your style of remote and what year your rig is? Thanks! OEM: YotaMD:
  4. suprarx7nut

    YotaMD 2019 Black Friday Sale - Biggest Yet

    Alright 'mud, it's that time of year again. The YotaMD Black Friday Sale is back and better than ever. https://store.yotamd.com/ This year it's Buy One Get One 50% on the ENTIRE STORE. All kits, all spare parts, all colors, all versions, everything! I've got lots of stock built up with...
  5. suprarx7nut

    YotaMD Black Friday Special 2018

    Straight to the point: What: BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF - Black Titanium 3 Button Full Kits only. When: Wednesday Nov 21st, 2018 - Monday Nov 26th, 2018 Where: YotaMD.com - Products - Titanium Key Fob Shell - Toyota and Lexus How: Full Kits > Basic > 2 Black Fob Kits on the page above. Price: $164...
  6. suprarx7nut

    YotaMD Titanium Integrated Remote Key Fob Shell

    Alright, I'm finally letting this latest creation loose. Multilayered Grade 5 Titanium bracing combined with the rugged plastic I've been using for over a year and 100+ sales of the original YotaMD key fob makes this one durable key system. You'll need to reuse your existing remote internals and...
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