windshield washer

  1. Swampfox58

    FJ55 Windshield Washer

    I can't get my washer to work from the the dash (turning the wiper knob to the right). I know the pump is good because I took it off the container and straight wired the pump to the battery. Any suggests about where the breakdown may be occurring. I wouldn't think that the washer is on separate...
  2. Y

    For Sale  FJ40 latemodel windshield washer bottle

    Nib winshield washer bottle, hoses, and hardware for late model 40 series. $25 plus the ride.
  3. shmukster

    For Sale  86 FJ60 windshield washer reservoir in PA

    Selling a nice FJ60 windshield washer reservoir. Very clean, has had the pump replaced. pump works, no leaks either. Price $42. Best to email me
  4. T

    Wanted  60 series windshield washer pump (no reservoir needed)

    Please touch base with price. Thanks!
  5. Malleus

    Windshield washer diverter valve

    I know this has been mentioned before, but I couldn't find any pictures, and since everyone loves pictures... Since spring has come (once again this year) to North Carolina, I decided to do a little PM/RM on the fleet. Both my '94 and '95 leak over the rear window when I use the windshield...
  6. yosshaa

    windshield washer diverter schematic..... hoses and nipples and things

    I'm a moron and marked the black rubber lines going into the diverter (source, rear, and front) But I didn't make note of where they get placed on the new diverter... can't seem to find it in the manual either. there are nipples at the top of the unit, bottom of the unit and side of the unit...
  7. 04gto

    What are these?

    Two things that I am not sure of what they are: 1-I think this is a plug for an OEM CD changer? If it is for the CD changer I will re purpose it to power an inverter or? 2- I found this little foam stick floating in my windshield washer reservoir. WTF is the purpose of this? Never seen one in...
  8. peterb

    For Sale  Windshield Washer Tank, KY/USA

    For sale is a washer tank in great condition. I was told it was 24 volt. It does not fit a MWB 73/74 series so maybe it's for a 60 series or 4 door 70 series? Please confirm it suits your application. $75 obo shipped to USA address. Thank you! Peter
  9. adventuremobile

    Wanted  Misc '87 FJ60 Parts and Tradesman Roof Basket

    Still casually looking for: Rear right tail light cover Un-cracked grey dash for an '87 FJ60 Rear bumper with spare swing out and Jerry can holder Transfer case H55 Trans Maxtrax MKII's FOUND (this forum rocks!!!): Roof basket - FOUND AC Compressor - FOUND Right and left front...
  10. R

    For Sale  80 Series windshield washer reservoir

    Came off my 95. No leaks, no pump, and no strainer. Just bottle and cap. Thirty $ [30.00]shipped to CONUS, or if you are local it can be picked up. Pay Pal ok and preferred. Rick Hartt, Phoenix, AZ
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