1. F

    Welcome to the jungle

    So Hello, I am new at this and new to these sites in general so bear with me as I get to know this. For 15 years I have been living between Minnesota and Costa Rica. I am back in Costa Rica noe and I am planning a trip to Nicaragua next week for Semana Santa / Holy Week, where my fj45 is...
  2. F

    Welcome to the jungle

    So for 15 years I have live between Minnesota and Costa Rica. I am back in Costa Rica now. Next week we set out to Nicaragua for Holy Week, where My fj45 is in sugery as I speak. I havn't seen her since early Febuary.
  3. alia176

    Please welcome Smurfette, newest member to HDC

    Holly and Steve are the proud parents of Rosa Lindsley, aka Smurfette. 5lb 4oz born 11:54 3.15.17 Smurfette, 5lb 4oz born 11:54 3.15.17
  4. CruiseLanderAZ

    First post - intro and hello!

    Hey everybody! I've had my beloved Hundy for about a year now. Spend a lot of time reading posts and it's helped me immensely with fixing things and getting ideas. Just wanted to say thanks and hello to everybody in the 100 forum. I'm a young guy and new to the scene, if anyone ever wants to...
  5. toyotaaddict83

    New 70 series welcome in the USA?

    Is the 79 Series Land Cruiser Coming to America? Found this one the browse tonight. Think we could help them reach their goal?
  6. thewadejack

    New Here! FJ60 5.7L TBI rig/ A/C ideas?

    How yall doin! I managed to finally buy my dream FJ60 this last Saturday. From a very happy previous owner excited to see someone of my generation looking and longing to learn what's necessary here. In my college days I wanted one of the older J10 pickups or Jeep Cherokee Chiefs from the 70s...
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