washer reservoir

  1. Mr Tibbs

    For Sale JDM take offs, I WANT THEM GONE!

    I have a bunch of stock take off pieces that I have removed from my JDM HJ61 that I want gone. They are sitting in my basement taking up space and I'm done with them! Lol The tipping point was when I tried to dig out the Xmas stuff today and they were in the damn way, again. Nothing to...
  2. FJ60Seth

    SOLD FJ60 Headlight Washer Bottle

    I found this in a box of parts. I believe its an FJ60 headlight washer reservoir. My 60 doesn't have headlight washers so I'm not positive. No pump or cap. No cracks, flange holes look excellent. I filled it with water, plugged the outlet and it doesn't leak. $25 plus actual UPS shipping...
  3. 2

    Wanted WTB Headlight Washer Reservoir for FJ60

    Hello, I am looking for a headlight washer resevoir (I have a working pump). If you have one you can part with, please let me know. Thanks, John
  4. FARMAN33

    Wanted Fj60 Headlight Washer Reservoir

    The one on the driver side fender. Name your price shipped to 77546. Thanks.
  5. Not A CJ

    1978 Radiator overflow

    I found this hose hanging behind the dash and tracked it back to what looks like a Radiator overflow. I wonder if this hose is supposed to be for my washer hose which Is missing.
  6. peterb

    For Sale Windshield Washer Tank, KY/USA

    For sale is a washer tank in great condition. I was told it was 24 volt. It does not fit a MWB 73/74 series so maybe it's for a 60 series or 4 door 70 series? Please confirm it suits your application. $75 obo shipped to USA address. Thank you! Peter
  7. M

    What to do with Front Bumper and Washer Fluid Reservoir

    We have a Black 2014 FJ Cruiser and replaced the front bumper and washer fluid reservoir. How can I find these parts a 'good home'. Appreciate any feedback. We live in Springfield VA. Mimi Foo
  8. zgarre

    Wanted FJ60 Washer Reservoir, Headlights

    Mine is all cracked... Long shot, but hoping someone out there has a spare.
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