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  1. J

    Wanted  WTB FJ62 on the East Coast

    New to this forum but love the content and resources. Seems like a great place to start my search as I’ve got the bug and am itching to find the right cruiser. Looking to find an FJ62 in the southeast to become my daily driver. No preference on color but looking for something with minimal rust...
  2. G

    Wanted  1993-1997 FJ80 Want to buy more details in the comments (12k Price Range)

    Hey everybody, Here is what I am hoping to find, - 225k Miles or less on the engine, engine replacements are fine - with little to no rust on the frame/body - lockers are not a big concern however if it has one that is a bonus. - Not very worried about the cosmetics of the car since I can...
  3. starclassic

    Wanted  Looking for 100 series LC/LX near Chicago

    Budget is around $10,000. Stock preferred over built; won't be offroaded much Well maintained/maintenance history/CarFax helpful Relatively rust free 😬? I'm trying to help a friend get into his first Toyota truck! I own a '99 LC myself; I feel like I know what to expect for a 10k budget so no...
  4. Ivanfears

    Wanted  Wanted: OEM or After roof rack for LX470 (or 100 that will fit), Northern Va

    Just bought a 06 LX470, seller kept the FrontRunner rack he had for his next build but had let go of the original, now I got holes... Not looking to sleep up top, just looking to hold gear/kayaks ect (I'm sleeping inside, can't fall off that s***). Reach out if your in the DMV area and have...
  5. jwcross611

    Wanted  WTB Rear Passenger Inside Tail Light for LC 100 Series

    Hey y’all- WTB Rear Passenger Inside Tail Light for LC 100 Series. Preferably OEM (doesn’t have to be) but style does need to match OEM ‘99 (meaning non-LED). Let me know if you have one!
  6. NicoB

    Wanted  F.5 Engine Exhaust Manifold

    Looking for F.5 engine intake and exhaust manifolds for my '74 FJ40. Send me a note if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  7. FloridaPhillip

    Wanted  FJ40 in Southeast

    I’m looking for a FJ40 in the southeast. I’m in the Florida panhandle but travel to Birmingham fairly often. My budget is ~$12K. I want mostly stock with a hardtop, and doors. Some mods are ok— I just don’t want a crawler. I would prefer 72-78, but interested in all years. It needs to be...
  8. Billabong

    1979 FJ40 PS, AC - $49,900 (ouch...!)

    Looking for a good condition (restored?) ‘79 or later FJ40. Can do wrenching and have good garage space, but short on free time. Been looking for a few months and am still going through sticker shock. Saw a nice ‘79 on land cruiser nation - 79 FJ40 RED1 - but the price seems $&&”)$@. Two...
  9. K

    Wanted  1974 4 speed or v8 adapter kit for 1969 fj40

    Adapter kit for v8 swap small block Chevy. Just cleaned up my 3 speed tonight and busted down both sides.
  10. K

    Wanted  f engine or 2f engine in good condition

    I recently bought 1969 fj40 tore motor down f series all bad new. So I am looking for a good solid f or 2f. No junk. Thanks
  11. NButler

    Wanted  Want to Buy FJ80 with Lockers - Portland Oregon

    Hi Mud! I'm a serious cash buyer located in Portland. I'm willing to travel a few hours for the right truck. No east coast trucks please. I'm looking for an 1993 - 1997 FJ80: Lockers are a must. I prefer something closer to stock rather than modded. Please let me know if you have...
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