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  1. jwcross611

    Wanted WTB Rear Passenger Inside Tail Light for LC 100 Series

    Hey y’all- WTB Rear Passenger Inside Tail Light for LC 100 Series. Preferably OEM (doesn’t have to be) but style does need to match OEM ‘99 (meaning non-LED). Let me know if you have one!
  2. NicoB

    Wanted F.5 Engine Exhaust Manifold

    Looking for F.5 engine intake and exhaust manifolds for my '74 FJ40. Send me a note if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  3. FloridaPhillip

    Wanted FJ40 in Southeast

    I’m looking for a FJ40 in the southeast. I’m in the Florida panhandle but travel to Birmingham fairly often. My budget is ~$12K. I want mostly stock with a hardtop, and doors. Some mods are ok— I just don’t want a crawler. I would prefer 72-78, but interested in all years. It needs to be...
  4. Billabong

    1979 FJ40 PS, AC - $49,900 (ouch...!)

    Looking for a good condition (restored?) ‘79 or later FJ40. Can do wrenching and have good garage space, but short on free time. Been looking for a few months and am still going through sticker shock. Saw a nice ‘79 on land cruiser nation - 79 FJ40 RED1 - but the price seems $&&”)$@. Two...
  5. K

    Wanted 1974 4 speed or v8 adapter kit for 1969 fj40

    Adapter kit for v8 swap small block Chevy. Just cleaned up my 3 speed tonight and busted down both sides.
  6. K

    Wanted f engine or 2f engine in good condition

    I recently bought 1969 fj40 tore motor down f series all bad new. So I am looking for a good solid f or 2f. No junk. Thanks
  7. NButler

    Wanted Want to Buy FJ80 with Lockers - Portland Oregon

    Hi Mud! I'm a serious cash buyer located in Portland. I'm willing to travel a few hours for the right truck. No east coast trucks please. I'm looking for an 1993 - 1997 FJ80: Lockers are a must. I prefer something closer to stock rather than modded. Please let me know if you have...
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