Wanted 1993-1997 FJ80 Want to buy more details in the comments (12k Price Range) (1 Viewer)

Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
United States
Hey everybody,

Here is what I am hoping to find,
- 225k Miles or less on the engine, engine replacements are fine
- with little to no rust on the frame/body
- lockers are not a big concern however if it has one that is a bonus.
- Not very worried about the cosmetics of the car since I can fix that later.
- Creature comforts like AC/windows (mostly) working
- does not need to pass emissions
- interior does not have to be perfect I am fine with tears in the seats its nothing a seat cover wont fix

My price range is 12k
Jan 23, 2018
Little Rock,AR
While I thought I could potentially get more, I was not able to, but I'm ready to sell. This is an extra car in the family that is taking up space and I have another FJ80.
Mine seems to meet most of your wants. My mileage says 192k, but there has been a mileage discrepancy on the carfax. My assumption is, it was 100k off, but I really don't know. The mileage on this rig is probably somewhere betwee 192k and 292k, just not sure.
Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

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