1. ExpoGeorgia

    Uwharrie April 6th-9th anyone?

    Im joining a neighbor and his 99 Discovery and making the drive out here. Any Cruiser guys going to be there?
  2. fourtrax

    Uwharrie Work Day Sat 3/25 - Last one before trails open.

    This Saturday is the last work day before the trails open, and there is some work that still needs to be completed on our ONSC sponsored trail (Dicky Bell). Saturday looks like a good day for outside work - Cloudy and in the low 70's. Hope to see you there Eric Update from Terry -...
  3. blue98stang

    Uwharrie Jamboree April 1st

    Main This sounds like an interesting event to be involved in. I will be the first to say that I am not a fan of URE trails on Opening weekend. But from looking at the site I provided above "Main," reading up about it on NC4x4 and other sites, looks like they will have enough activities to...
  4. uzj100

    36 Hours of Uwharrie - August 2017 - Running a 1994 80 Series

    36 Hours of Uwharrie - August 2017 - Running a 1994 80 Series Guys, We will need all the help we can get. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Etc. Thank you in advance. uzj100
  5. uzj100

    36 Hours of Uwharrie - August 2017 - Running a 1994 80 Series

    Mud, Good day. This August we will be running a 1994 80 series in the 36 hour of Uwharrie race. We ran a 2004 100 last year. 36 Hours of Uwharrie - Race 100 The 1994 has a 6 inch lift and 37's. Arb front bumper with warn zeon 12-s, sliders, rear bumper, etc. 4.88s, HD Birfield's and axle...
  6. krzyabncanuck

    Uwharrie Leo project.

    So. As a few of you know we were doing a project to get Charles on the trail more often thru FOU. Well as everyone knows life throws curve balls at you. This one is actually for the better but can not and will not get into it. Let's just say we are no longer doing the project but Charles will...
  7. KliersLC

    Uwharrie Trails Open or Closed

    Hi Folks, Quick question on the status of the trails--website says they are open, it also says they close on Dec 15th--just curious which is accurate. If closed, is there anything else in the general area that is good for some light wheeling? I saw that @Izzyandsue had a recent trip, curious...
  8. greenseaman

    Uwharrie article in 4wheeler with Dbenke and others!

    Toyotas Tackle Uwharrie: Crawling With The Olde North State Cruisers This article that gimpey found about Logan's Run has Dbenke, Trollhole, Chris Eby and Will Swartz with some others!
  9. izzyandsue

    2016 Appalachian Rendezvous at Uwharrie 30 Sep -02 Oct 2016

    This event is very good (in my opinion), training, camping, driving, biking, kayaking, and other outdoorsy stuff. I am going and hope others can go too. Not enough Yotas typically, lotsa jeepers. Follow the thread for activities and agenda...
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