1. bcomnes


  2. S

    SOLD  Utah: 6x 37x12.50R17 Like New

    Selling my Toyo MT 37x12.50R17s. 4x of them have under 300 miles, all trail (mostly sand/dirt) use so the edges are a little rounded but have full tread depth, no chunking, no lugs missing, no punctures. The other 2x are brand new and still have the rubber hairs on them. Date codes are all from...
  3. HDJdreams

    2.5, 2.75, or 3” Exhaust for new 95-97 Wit’s End Turbo?

    The exhaust on my 97 is shot. Especially where the pipe goes over the crossmember by the rear axle, that has pounded itself almost flat after the exhaust mounts wore out. (Mounts have been repaired) When @NLXTACY turbo arrives :clap:, I will need a new exhaust. I was hoping to use @OTRAMM SS...
  4. just differentials

    Trail Hero 2018 - #NitroGear LADIES RUN! Awesome Video

    Ladies Trail Run: Presented by #NitroGear ✌ #JeepGirls Rock - We had 12 rigs on trail for this run, and are so happy you all joined us! This was during the Trail Hero 2018 event at Sandhollow State Park, in Hurricane Utah. This place is absolutely AMAZING. We fully recommend you go if you're...
  5. P

    PMcB's hundie and diy thread...

    I've had a few 80 series, and one hundie Lexus before, and we just found ourselves with another hundy. A 99 with 215k, that spent most of it's life as a mall crawler in California as evidenced by the ht tires, wedding ring damage on the steering wheel, and the cleanest undercarriage I have ever...
  6. Blu MaXX

    Fuel starvation issue

    I will keep this simple. This 1984 FJ60 is box stock and mostly original. I have driven this 1984 FJ60 a few hundred miles without any issues then one evening I filled it up with gasoline and went to go play. About 10 miles after leaving the gas station it stumbled and died. I blew out a very...
  7. mgillrie

    For Sale  1989 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61 - $22k

    I bought this vehicle in October 2016. It currently has 170k miles. It already had the old man emu lift and tires. I don't use it as a daily driver. Its a right hand drive turbo diesel that was imported from Japan. It has the 12H-T motor and an automatic transmission. All the mechanical work has...
  8. Psuclam

    Suggestions please for easy Southern Utah areas for offroad camping

    Hi I will be traveling with the wife to Overland Expo in May and hope to tie a few days in southern Utah between St. George/Zion and North Rim of Grand Canyon. What spots would you recommend where the wife and I can explore and camp that isn't too daunting to access? Is Kanab an area to spend...
  9. Utah62

    For Sale  1988 fj62 Blue

    Clean & Solid. Blue 1988 fj62 in Utah. This is an excellent rig with a trail ready set up that cruisers safe and stable down the highway. List of repairs/upgrades in the last 2k: - New Radiator and hoses - New starter - New distributor and plugs - New brake master cylinder - Replaced drivers...
  10. Jose Moran

    Utah? Need my head rebuilt!

    Hi All, I have a 1994 FZJ80, I need to get the head rebuilt and was hoping I could get some guidance from the local crowd. Please feel free to PM me or call me at: 801-722-9509 Thanks in advance!
  11. Andyman801

    Wanted  FJ80 Lift

    Just bought a 92 cruiser and wanting to put a lift on it. Anyone out there selling?
  12. fox1047

    For Sale  1984 FJ60 Barn Find in SLC UTAH

    I have a 1984 blue FJ60 barn find that I'm going to get running and build up for sale. It only has 170K miles on it and will be a sweet rig in the long run. I thought I would post this one up for sale before I get started on bringing it back to life to see if anyone is interested in it and if...
  13. LCReunion

    Best non-winter-only tire for my LC in Utah

    So I bought my LC while living in Arkansas. Had Michelin LTX M/S2's on it. Picked up an extra set of wheels and put some Falken WildPeak MT's on them for the muddy/Rocky terrain in Arkansas. Now I'm in SLC area...have to think of winter tires. I know those Michelins will be ok in the snow, and...
  14. Hayes

    SLC Utah shock rebuilder

    Anybody know of a shop in the Salt Lake City area that can rebuild an Icon shock? Thanks for your time. Hayes
  15. smritte


    I've never been to Utah. I'm starting to put together a data base of trip's to take. I want to go exploring/sight seeing, mild to moderate dirt, either base camp or camp along the route. So far I have just a few places researched as well as a few web sites for info. Expedition Utah has some good...
  16. alia176

    Utah overlanding trip, Lockhart Basin 4/28-5/1 with Pics

    It's time to do another camping in the backwoods of UT. This time we'll be doing the Lockhart Basin trail from south to north and end up in Moab. We'll depart ABQ on Fri and return on Mon. Some folks will peel off and attend the Cruise Moab event that week. Lockhart Basin Mildly modified...
  17. E

    Expedition Utah at the Salt Lake Off-Road Expo [April 28th-29th]

    Expedition Utah is proud to sponsor two Overland specific panels at the Salt Lake Offroad Expo on April 28th & 29th at the South Town Expo Center! On Friday, April 28th at 6:00PM we will be hosting an Intro to Overlanding panel comprised of a variety of travelers. And if you loved that, on...
  18. E

    For Sale  1974 fj40 $8000 obo in utah

    Ad is on ksl 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser on KSL.com
  19. utahFJ60

    Wanted  FJ60 Front Bumper (Utah)

    Looking for a front bumper for my FJ60 (good condition). Anyone out there know of any great options? Located in Utah. Thanks. Brett
  20. RockdogAdventures

    Weekend in Utah

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