1. pchoiboi

    Newbie here / upholstery shop in OC?

    Hello everyone! I'm in Orange County and just got myself a 2002 Land Cruiser w/ 160k miles. Currently have it in the shop for an overhaul for a peace of mind. Looking forward to running into you guys in the future. On a different note, I'm planning on replacing the leather on the front and...
  2. Y

    SOLD  80 series - LSeat.com seat leather - 'Bisque' color - brand new ** for electric seats** +10sf extra leather - Nebraska

    I ordered the seat kit before I had possession of the vehicle, and the PO told me they were electric seats. The kit is for electric seats and mine has manual seats. This also includes an extra 10 square feet of matching leather that I was going to use potentially for the center console. This...
  3. F

    Seat Cloth Resource Needed

    I am looking for OEM seat fabric for seats. Specifically the light grey stripped pattern cloth on the seats (87 Fj60). Does anyone know or have a resource for the raw cloth I can then provide to the upholsterer? My apologies if there is a post I can't find here. Thanks.
  4. IMG_2683.jpeg


    Upholstery- Cruiser Corps/ Coral
  5. IMG_1856.JPG


    Upholstery done
  6. IMG_1854.JPG


    Bucket Seats
  7. Joa

    Wanted  FJ60 OEM seat covers

    Looking for FJ60 1986 seat covers in any condition. Front or back seat will work. Color and pattern like the one below. If anyone has created an identical replica of the OEM fabric, that would be even better!
  8. a_traut_man

    Steering Wheel Recovering in Austin

    Hey everybody. Final wore a hole in steering wheel of my 100 over our Christmas road trip, anybody know of someone around Austin who does wheel recovering? I called up Cardenas and they don't do steering wheels. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Putins4x4

    1993-1997 FJ80 upholstery

    BRAND NEW!!!! I have up for sale a 5 seat upholstery replacement kit from Origami Leather Seats. Color is coffee Taupe and will match great with a brown interior vehicle. This model is 100% leather and comes with micro perforations instead of the pleat. This will allow better air flow in case...
  10. MexicanNewby

    Seats rebuild: OEM Springs VS. Foam

    So, The moment of seat re building has come in my 1965 FJ40LV project, which I am trying to keep as original as possible. The original upholstery is there but its toast (it's the light orange/peach color, pics attached). So I am at this dilemma: Should I rebuild exactly as it was originally...
  11. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Manual Seat Interior, Rows 1 and 2, carpet, visors, door cards

    LOCAL PICKUP ONLY IN SoCAL. Seats and Door Panels sold as a complete set ONLY. Front and 2nd row cloth seats and 4 door panels $550. Speaker covers included. Add Carpet including cargo area $120 Add Visors $125 Plastic surround panels available also. Sale does not include door switches or...
  12. sigorama

    For Sale  FJ40 Tweed Upholstery Set

    Complete set in very good condition. $250. Long jump seats in the rear. Early 1970s. View more pics. According to @Living in the Past's comment below: With the two piece back passenger's and angle cut of the bottom of the rear jump seats these would fit the 72 model in the US market. Some 71s...
  13. J

    Material Amount for Reupholstering FJ62

    Hey guys - I am purchasing a new to me FJ62 from Wichita Kansas this Saturday. I plan on reupholstering the interior while adding BMW front seats. I think I am going to do a mix of Alcantara and Leather, or potentially cordura fabrics. How many square yards of material do I need to purchase...
  14. gummycarbs

    No, You Can't Swap Seat Bottoms, and Other Butt Stuff

    Like many others, the left side of my driver's seat bottom is badly collapsed. So much so that it quite literally made my butt hurt from driving. I've been dragging my feet on doing a seat swap (probably Celica seats to gain some headroom), largely because I'll have to actually drive to pick...
  15. J

    SOR Upholstery HELP!!

    I'm recovering the bottom portion of my 1977 FJ40 front seats using SOR foam and seat covers. I have 2 question(note zip ties are temporarily in place of hog rings): 1. It seems like I need to trim the foam to be able to attach the seat track to the front seat bottom cushion/frame(2 bolts each...
  16. G

    Need Opinion on Seat Solutions with OEM Seats

    My rig is bone stock. I am the second owner and plan to keep it stock except for an eventual OME 2" lift. My OEM upholstery is in great shape. No rips, except one small tear in the vinyl in the rear bench seat. So, I am a bit torn on what to do. I definitely need to re-stuff the front seats...
  17. J

    FJ40 Jump Sheet Upholstery

    I working on recovering my 1977 FJ40 jump sheets using the Spector Offroad deluxe seat covers. I am finding that a little bit of the foam on the back corner of the seat bottoms is exposed. I am also finding the bottom covers (where they screw into the back of the seat) do not extend as far as...
  18. IslandJ

    FJ60 rear seat re-upholstery help

    I got the fabric back on the front bottoms. Now Im onto the rear seat bottom. Having a hell of a time getting the hog rings and pliers around the center wire and any of the springs. Theres barely enough room in the spring cage for my hand and arm. Did a search but didn't find much of anything...
  19. unfortunately

    Wanted  Fj60 upholstery wire

    I have new seat covers, and seats without covers. This means no upholstery wire to transfer over to the new seat covers. I need one bucket seat and a bench seat's worth. Anyone?
  20. psulick3

    Local Upholstery Shop

    Hey all. I'm not a club member so I hope it's cool to post. I live in Alexandria and recently bought one of the vinyl carpet sets from Trail Tailor on the main Mud site. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good upholstery shop in the area that might be able to do the fit. I am planning on...
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