1. HoJo 61

    Growing the family -> HDJ80 VX

    Hello people! Some of you may know me from 60-series chat, but for those who do not, i'm Mikko (Mike) from Finland, and i'm addicted to Cruisers, this latest addition is my 3rd. And i have no intention to stop hoarding for more. Feel free to heck out my other Cruisers, links to the build threads...
  2. anothernord

    SOLD : 1KZ-TE TURBODIESEL 2001 Tacoma Xtracab TRD 4x4

    SOLD!! For sale is my 2001 Taco, with a 100% rebuilt 1KZ-TE swapped. Had a change in my financial situation and would like to gauge interest. Please contact me if you're interested. I can provide more pictures. Read my diesel swap build thread here: anothernord's JDM 1KZ-TE diesel swap...
  3. EspressoKiller

    For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 4x4 (lightly modified) in Ithaca, NY USA

    SOLD I'm listing my 1990 Hilux for sale. I've owned this truck for exactly a year and it's been a reliable daily driver and light off road vehicle. Upgrades have been aimed at increasing power, gas milage and reliability. $7500 This is a right hand drive car that I bought from Japanese Classics...
  4. EspressoKiller

    For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 4x4 in Ithaca, NY

    This is my 1990 Hilux Surf for sale $9000 I bought the truck last December from Japanese Classics LLC in Richmond, VA. They imported it from Japan earlier that year. ~125,000mi I have added: GReddy intercooler Replaced turbo with an OEM CT20 EGT/boost gauge Boost controller (set to 14psi...
  5. nolX4

    For Sale Gturbo Grunter Stage 1 FOR SALE

    Unfortunately I have to put my HDJ's Grunter Turbo upgrade on hold. Life has thrown a couple of hurdles in our path and quite simply, the project has been put on hiatus. This does however leave a good opportunity for anyone looking to purchase a brand new Gturbo system for Christmas LOL. This...
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