For Sale 1990 Hilux Surf 4x4 in Ithaca, NY

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United States
This is my 1990 Hilux Surf for sale

I bought the truck last December from Japanese Classics LLC in Richmond, VA. They imported it from Japan earlier that year.

I have added:
GReddy intercooler
Replaced turbo with an OEM CT20
EGT/boost gauge
Boost controller (set to 14psi, factory is 8-9psi could)
Full 2.5" straight exhaust
^^All professionally installed by a performance shop in Syracuse
New tires all around with a new spare
Tow hitch with ball

Everything works.
Switches into 4WD smoothly and without issues, shifts into 4Lo as it should, no issues
The factory TEMS system works well and changes the ride from hard to soft
The truck is quiet on the highway. The straight exhaust does not sound loud when the windows are up. Cruises comfortably at 65mph and gets around 26mph depending on terrain. It burns a little bit of oil, but nothing out of the ordinary for an old diesel. I vented the valve cover breather under the truck, so sometimes there a little smoke from under there, especially after being run hard.

A/C blows cold, heat works well in the coldest weather.
The interior is in almost perfect shape. 2 defects: driver seat has wear from getting in and out and there is a stain in the carped in the trunk. No bubbles or cracks in the dash.

The paint is nearly perfect. There is a scratch on the hood and some wear below the driver door.
The chrome is in excellent shape with only one blemish on the front grill. A little bit of surface rust started to form around some of the rivets, but it's very small. No body rust.
This truck has been kept in a covered garage and not driven in snow. I wash it frequently, but it has been my daily driver since I bought it.

I still have several boxes of original parts, including the airbag, the old (rebuildable) turbo, a fan that was removed to make way for the intercooler, and the old exhaust hangar.

I just completed a road trip from upstate New York to LA and back. The truck ran flawlessly the whole time. Took it wheeling in Moab where it performed better than most of the new Jeeps (on street tires).

This engine is notorious for overheating and cracking the head with hard driving. That really depends on the casting, and at this point in the vehicles life it would have happened already. The intercooler, EGT gauge and waterless coolant are all performance enhancing but also greatly increase the life of this diesel. Even pushing the truck hard in Moab in 115 degree heat, the engine temp never got near alarming levels and the intercooler kept everything under control.

If you're nervous about that, call Japanese Classics and talk to the guys that sold me the truck. They see these all the time.

If you have any questions of you'd like videos or pictures of the truck, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
This is a rare and very cool vehicle. Everywhere I go people stop and ask what it is. The exhaust makes it sound like a big rig and it turns a lot of heads. I've really enjoyed my experience with the truck, but I'm moving on to a pickup that can haul my motorcycles.
I would potentially be open to a trade, but it must be clean, no rust, and ready to be a daily driver

Thanks for looking!





Nice. Auto or manual tranny?

I'm in Trumansburg. GLWS & bump for you.
Nice. Auto or manual tranny?

I'm in Trumansburg. GLWS & bump for you.
It's the 4spd auto with overdrive. I wish it was manual, but as I understand it very few of those were made for the Japanese market (most went to Australia). Still interchangeable with the 5speed manual that came in 4Runners.

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