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  1. yjeff

    NEW LOCATION for the November 15, 2019 CSC Monthly Meeting 7:30pm

    Hey CSC'ers I volunteered to have the November 15, 2019 CSC Monthly Meeting in the backyard of my new house. This is a temp move unless there is demand in the future. I have outdoor lighting and we can BS on the court. I don't really know my neighbors yet, as I just moved in. Please park in my...
  2. yotadude520

    Who's going to the CSC Classic Cruize from Tucson?

    Hey guys! I'm posting this up to see how many Tucsonans we have going to the CSC Classic Cruize next weekend! (April 13) I'm thinking it would be nice to have all of us just go up together to help minimize any stragglers to the run. The meeting point for the run is at The McDonalds in Florence...
  3. ARJMN

    Builds  Another LS swap? Really???

    Hello all, I figured I would take a few moments to lay out what I have been up to since my Rug Road knuckle stud debacle. I bought my 1997 LX450 Easter weekend in 2017. I had a 2000 100 series before and regretted selling it from day one. I knew I wanted another, but thought the 80 series...
  4. ARJMN

    ISO FZJ80 Horn Assembly

    Anybody have an FZJ80 Horn Assembly? PO replaced mine with a cheap Autozone meep meep horn. Jason
  5. ARJMN

    CSC Tucson HAM Resources

    There is probably a thread already out there, but as a follow up to saying I would post some HAM resources, here we go. For those at the meeting interested in getting your Technicians's Certification, and we should all have it if we are transmitting on anything other than CB, here are the...
  6. ARJMN

    CSC Tucson Chapter November Trail Run

    Hello all, I am helping out Wilma83 with the planning of the run, and with a lack of local knowledge, I need to open it up to a poll. It will be a day trip to start, but i ope to get some overnighters going aw well. That said, Date: Saturday November 4 or Sunday November 5 Trail: Mt...
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