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  1. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Overheats When Coasting?

    Help!! Transmission overheating problem has me stumped 1KZ-te with a340f tranny. External tans cooler in series with the radiator (radiator first, cooler second). Temp probe in the flex hose connecting the transmission outlet pipe to the rad inlet. When I am driving on the highway under...
  2. Joseaquafresca

    AT Oil Temp Light

    Hey guys, Fairly new to the world of LC and own a 1988 FJ62 with 234k on the clock. I've owned this vehicle for about 8 months now and it's time to start getting stuff done (having a kid changes priorities and time). Engine seems to run great, although I need to do some baselining. I'm by no...
  3. Fj moneypit

    Scan gauge II users - need xgauge for trans temp

    Is there a transmission temp xgauge you use? And what is a good temp for our transmissions? I found a xgauge code on line but it measures in (-) degree F.
  4. E

    '00 Trans temp in torque app?

    I'm new to this app and obd diagnostics in general. I'm not getting anything on trans temps when I connect. Is there some way to add this function, or does my 2000 not have a temp transmitter?
  5. pearljamten27

    FJ62 Auto Transmission Issues - Need Advice

    Good Morning/Afternoon Mud, I purchased an 89' 3FE back in March (2016). I have had issues with the responsiveness of the trans shifting (Kickdown Cable) but I have not adjusted yet. Last month I drove the wagon around 250 miles in a day and the trans gave out on the interstate. Trans fluid...
  6. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Temp Sensor Install - Advice on Two Options

    People with 4Runners/Prados/Surfs who have a transmission temp gauge, I have a question for you. I've been doing my research for how to install the temp sender on my 96 Surf ((1KZ), and narrowed it down to two options: 1. The ATF cooler pipe that runs to the rad is connected to the outlet port...
  7. guardcompany

    ODB Fusion

    I've been running ODB Fusion for iOS on a mini iPad connecting to a LE Link. So far I love it, but was wondering if anyone as got the transmission temp gauge working? I've checked out the Scangauge tranny temp thread and I couldn't get those PIDs working.
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