trans fluid

  1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale FJ80 Factory Transmission Cooler and AC Condensor

    SoCal No dents or leaks. Trans Oil Cooler $40 mounts in front of radiator, brackets included. (Two Available) AC Condensor $40 (R134 only for 1993-1997) Not compatible with 91-92 or 93 R12 systems. Fittings are slightly different) (Two Available ) Shipping extra. Personal Message Me
  2. Surftruck

    "Party Trick" Instructional

    All, I am beginning to have some issues with engaging D and R when cold. Nothing drastic, but every now and then there is a hesitation before the gear catches. I am driving a 1990 FJ62 with 148k on the stock tranny. I am doing an ATF drain and fill this week, but have been researching other...
  3. spaber05

    To change or not to change...that is the question (trans fluid that is)

    Hey all, did a bit of searching but got conflicting results: My '06 LC is sitting with a shade under 160k miles and no record of a trans fluid change in its history. While I don't do any towing, I can't say confidently that it hasn't done some in the past. So my question is as stated...
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