1. EthanH

    Trade GX470 Front Bumper Trade

    Good evening everyone. I’d like a straight trade bumper for bumper. Is there anyone who would like to trade their ARB bumper for my Victory 4x4 Strike Aluminum bumper? I went with Victory’s because of their slimmer front profile. No wrecks, hood opens with plenty of room, ask any questions...
  2. doober

    Trade NM 2021 3 Pedal Cement Taco for 200 series trade

    Hi all, throwing around the idea of trading my Tacoma for a 200 series (plus $$). It’s a beautiful manual 6 speed, TRD off road cement. Only 12.5K miles and barely a scratch. First owner purchased in Colorado Springs located in Santa Fe NM now. Fully stock except for a good set of tires, as it...
  3. SurfaPureLife

    Trade Trading my black top for tan. Bj46

    I just got a 1983 BJ46 with a 95% new top. Previous owner said top is brand new. And it does look like it is for sure. I want to trade my black one with someone that wants to trade there tan/brown top. As long as its in good shape. Not expecting a new one.
  4. 6

    SOLD Nashville, TN: 93-97 80 series

    In the market for a 93-97 80 series / LX. Prefer locked. Prefer earlier models. Mileage isn't too much of a concern. No to minimal rust preferred. Don't want a rock crawler modded truck, but lifts and mods aren't a problem. That rare one that was posted down in GA for $8k was perfect, but...
  5. Chachi254

    For Sale Nebraska: 1985 Toyota Pickup 4x4 XtraCab (for sale or partial trade for 200 series)

    I've decided to sell my 1985 project. My wife wants her garage spot back and I have too many projects on my plate right now. 1985 Toyota Pickup XtraCab SR5 4x4 117,XXX original miles 2nd owner - I purchased from the original owner the last December 100% Rust Free bed 95% Rust free cab (see...
  6. SerbCruiser

    SOLD 93 FZJ80 in Seattle - Trade for 100 Series

    As the title states.. I'd like to get into a 100 series. This has basically been my daily driver for the last few years. I love it.. and hope to not regret getting into a 100 series. But I'm looking for something a bit smoother for family reasons. I have traded cars in the past and I'm...
  7. clanlino

    SOLD 1994 Land Cruiser 80 factory lockers 199k miles $18,999

    Hi everyone, I am selling my 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser with 199k miles. It has factory differential lockers and it is in overall great shape. ZERO RUST! The rig was painted a few years back by the previous owner. It is a custom digital cammo pattern (Minecraft comes to mind). The paint job was...
  8. B

    SOLD Eastern WA: 95 80 series for 5th Gen 4runner

    Update: we’ve turned down a number of cash and trade offers as we haven’t quite found the right future home. All potential new homes will be interviewed to make sure you’ll love and treat Buena the Cruiser with respect. So still available if we find the right home. Open to a trade for a...
  9. UntoneLoc

    SOLD ‘86 FJ60 for your 100/LX

    I bought this FJ60 a month ago from the LandCruiser Marketplace FB page and had it transported from Texas to Mississippi. Life has happened (3rd baby on the way) and circumstances warrant me making some changes. My wife and I decided a 100/LX would suit our growing family’s needs much better...
  10. dudenhoeffer

    Trade Trade Ya - FJ62 Bumper Caps for a Jack and Tools?

    I have 2 FJ62 Front Bumper caps - They're in pretty good shape - one is almost brand new, some minor scuffs the older one is missing one bolts which sheered on removal. I'm looking for a Tire tool bag and Jack. Can we make a trade? Let me know - Don!
  11. Hold my beer

    Trade CO/Denver '86 FJ60: SOA->SUA

    Hello, all! I recently bought an 86 FJ60 that has is SOA converted and I would like to go to a stock SUA configuration or SUA with a 2-3" lift, as it will hopefully be my daily driver. I would love to find someone who is currently wanting to go SOA with their rig and willing to trade their...
  12. Q

    SOLD L

  13. cghall98

    Wanted 2003-2007 LC or LX in the Southeast, USA- Genesis for trade

    I am currently looking to go back to an SUV and want an LC or LX. I was hit by a drunk driver 2.5 years ago which totaled my 4Runner. I’ve been driving a great sedan, but I’m ready for to go back to an SUV. I am located in the Southeast, and would like to find a Southeastern truck. I currently...
  14. Van Damage

    For Sale Chicago 87 4runner for sale or trade

    I have an 87 auto with 185k on the odometer and 140 on the engine. Engine is out of a 93 2wd pickup, I've had to do alot to this truck over the past 3yrs to make it a road Worthy daily driver. New fuel tank and sending unit , ball joints , front wheel bearings and seals, CV shafts , new brakes...
  15. MrFitzie

    Trade San Diego, CA: 85 2F Complete, H42F trans (no xfer) and misc parts left over from V8 swap

    I recently swapped from the stock 2F and H42F to a V8 setup so I have a bunch of misc items that I would rather pass on to a fellow IH8MUDer than just throw on Craigslist since I got a ton of information that made my swap possible from this forum. Bigger items are a name a reasonable price /...
  16. ridgeback rig

    SOLD Lower price. North of Seattle 1993 FZJ80

    1993 for sale in Mount Vernon, Washington. Trade for another vehicle or $2,900 *Needs a new engine.* Triple locked. Washington state truck. My family has owned it since '98. No accidents. Straight frame. A little rust around back window. The mileage is 440,000. Cylinder head replaced in 2012...
  17. J

    Trading a 99 Land cruiser with 100k miles for a 1971 fj40

    I’m trading an excellent condtion stock 99 Land cruiser with 100k miles for a 95% stock 1971 fj40. I’ve never owned a 40 but have always wanted one to tool around town in and maybe hit some local hills. The owner claims to replaced the old engine with a 1974 i6 F with 64k original miles. There...
  18. heynickhere

    Anyone interested in trading grilles?

    This isn’t a for sale post so I think it is okay here. Also, this is a long shot. Does anyone have a 10-13 with an F sport grille for sale or trade? I am thinking about getting one and mounting some lights behind it for a clean look.
  19. Utah Bob

    69 FJ40. Noob

    I have a 69 FJ40. 2 Motors (1f and a 2f) gonna build the 2f. my electrical sucks. my fab rocks. would like to be rollin it out in the spring. if you are in the Salt Lake Valley and wanna give me a hand, i have a butt load of parts and pieces to trade. I am mechanically intelligent. and...
  20. R

    For Sale Selling fj60 or trade hot springs, ar

    Reluctantly, selling my 85’ 60 series. Love the truck but it needs someone who has the time and mechanical knowledge to get it what it needs. Two things I don’t have. Very clean! Very stock. Was my daily driver, has 202k miles on it. Thought it was a gasket issue mechanic found a crack. See...
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