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tie rod end

  1. Chibu

    '04 LX470 Tie Rod End Stuck!

    I've spent at least 6 hours total whacking, lubing, and whacking the driver side tie rod end and it's just too stuck. I turned the castle nut upside down, threaded it back on till it was flush with the bolt and whacked so much that the nut went from a 22mm nut to 23mm nut lol. I also whacked the...
  2. MostlyNuts

    1978 FJ40 Tie Rod end thread mismatch

    Hey team, Anyone seen his and familiar with how to address? I decided to swap my tie rod ends since i have no idea when that was last done and PO seems to have seriously neglected this rig for a while. Te two main ends when in perfectly. However, the drag link bar seems to be of a different...
  3. tohox

    Sudden steering swaying

    Hi there, I've been having an issue since last spring on my 91' RHD PZJ77 which has been getting progressively worse. When the front left wheel reaches the center of the road or when I'm driving on roads with deep ruts the truck will suddenly sway to one side or the other. I can't feel any play...
  4. tie rod ends.jpg

    tie rod ends.jpg

    manual tie rod ends
  5. steering linkage.JPG

    steering linkage.JPG

    linkage blow up
  6. Z

    Online Resource Parts / Steering Gear Part

    Hi, I have a 2004 LC. Does anyone know of a good resource online where I can lookup list prices for parts and required labor? Specifically I need to replace the steering gear (44200-60100) with bushings and tie rod ends (45047-69115 and 45046-69205). I got a whole range of quotes from workshops...
  7. DoubleNickels

    Wanted  FOUND! M21x1.5 Tap Set (Borrow)

    EDIT: No longer looking (thanks SMG!) Hey MUD. Curious if anyone out there is willing to let me borrow their M21x1.5 taps (right and left hand threads). I am building my own tie rod and need to tap the holes. Long shot, but I figured I'd ask. I'd pay shipping both ways as well as a security...
  8. Nick Wilson

    Tie rods and front end dilemma

    HI everyone, Got a problem and haven’t figured it out yet. Bought a set of tie rods to replace the 5 on my front end. Problem is none of the tie rods match. I’m fairly confident the ones I bought from Specter are the correct ones. All the tie rods currently on my 1972 FJ40 are too small in every...
  9. seaken

    Wanted  Tie Rod end needed 1987 BJ74

    Broke my Tie Rod end . Right side of 1987 BJ74 . Wonder if same might be found on other Toyota’s . Possible part number , or where I can get one . Thanks
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