third row seats

  1. Nekkit

    Parting Out third row seats FJ80 (1995)

    Hello, guys. Looking for third row seats for my lc80 Preferable grey leather. I live in Tijuana, so would be great to find it around San-Diego. Also left passenger plastic step required. Thank you much Contact here or via mail
  2. M

    For Sale 200 Series 3rd Row Seats + Seatbelts

    Gray leather 3rd row seats boxed up and ready to ship at your expense. Great condition. These came out of a 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser. Also have all 3 seatbelts if wanted. Open to offers. Pickup or ship. 79707 Midland TX Will text/email photos at request
  3. Maxwellk10

    Wanted 3rd row seats for fzj80

    Looking for any one selling there third row seats. Prefer gray leather but I’m getting desperate. I’m on SC so shipped to 29577, it’s a business if that helps.
  4. I

    FREE 80 series 3rd row seat

    Anyone in need of any 80 series 3rd row drivers side seat. Bought mine with two but didn't mind because I plan on removing anyway. Pickup in the DC area.
  5. H

    For Sale 80 series Tan leather Third Row Seats

    Selling a pair of tan leather third row seats from my LX450. The seats are in great condition. PM with any questions or for additional pics. $100 Thanks!
  6. bicycleagent003

    Free Third Row Seats - Ventura, CA - You Pick Up, Will Not Ship

    Just PM if you're interested. They are gray leather. No seat brackets included. In very good condition. Cheers.
  7. indycole

    For Sale 200 Series 2016 Third Row Seats Terra SF Bay Area

    I installed drawers and really don't see myself using the third row seats. The original seats are one of just a couple items in my storage unit and I figured I may as well see if anyone needs them. I expect they would be like $3-4K to replace but would entertain $1250 for the he seats. They're...
  8. Lotarp100

    Third Row Seat Removal Question - Broken Latch "A"

    Hi all- Did forum search and didn't find anything on this subject. We are getting ready for a trip across country to Burning man, and went to remove the third row seats and I seem to have a broken latch "A", which is making releasing the catches impossible. Either the cable snapped, or i'm...
  9. R

    For Sale 2000 TLC Third Row Seats

    These seats are original from my 2000 TLC. They are tan. Asking $250 plus actual shipping
  10. Zezima288

    FZJ80 Third Row Seats

    I am driving into an incredible deal on some FZJ80 3rd row leather seats on craigslist from a 1997 FZJ80, curiously, will they directly mount into an 1991 FJ80? I apologize if this has been asked already. I included an image of the seats for reference.
  11. DirtaddictLC80

    For Sale 80 Series Third Row Seats, Tan Leather

    I have a set of third row seats from from a 1997 Land Cruiser with Tan Leather. No wear. I've had them out of the truck and stored for the last several years (I have rear drawers). Sorry for not having pictures but they are in storage (will post them later when I get the chance). I have all...
  12. Jay470

    For Sale LX 470 / LC 100 - Third Row Seats (TX)

    For sale (used) third row seats LX 470 / LC 100 - tan leather in excellent condition (no cracks). $150 - Local pickup only (Magnolia, TX)
  13. U

    For Sale Series 100 - Bumpers, Roof Rack, 3rd Row Seats, Factory Hitch

    I am getting ready to send my 2006 Landcruiser to Slee for mods. I plan to remove the bumpers, roof racks, factory Reese hitch and third row seats before it is shipped. The bumpers are silver and the seats are black. All in very good condition The vehicle is located in Charleston, SC and will...
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