1. Trail Boss Tom

    For Sale GX470 3rd row seats great condition, Tan leather

    Hi, I have both third row seats out of my GX470 that I'm selling. The leather is Tan & in perfect condition! If interested I can take & post pics! I'm asking $125 for both seats, willing to negotiate! Buyer pays shipping & a $20 handling fee! Thank you Tom C
  2. akunes

    The Journey Begins

    New to the community here. I've wanted an FJ60 for quite some time now. I finally made it happen. 1986 FJ60. Garage kept in Florida. Rust free! 173k miles.
  3. starclassic

    Wanted 100 series 3rd row seats, TAN, anywhere btw IL and TN

    Going to need a set of 3rd rows for my kids. Model is a 2003 LX470 with tan interior. Anyone out there getting rid of theirs?
  4. yonah

    I've joined the club - 2011 LC (white/tan)

    My 2011's current state - this will be updated as I find time to very slowly modify and tinker with the truck to fit my needs: --- Quick links to completed modifications and doodads: Interior organization: BROG 100-series LC Attic (JAN/18) BROG MOLLE Visor Organizer (JAN/18) BROG Seat...
  5. fumetsu

    For Sale $300: Tan 3rd Row LX470 Seats FS, SE Michigan

    For pickup locally in SE Michigan. In immaculate condition!
  6. Pedro60

    FREE **FREE** FJ60 Inner Fender tan

    I have a good condition tan Fj60 inner fender that I won't be using. Make an offer
  7. B

    For Sale Two sets of LX tan 3rd row and 2 sets of LC 3rd row. All tan.

    In great shape. Would post pics but have no clue how. $200 a set.
  8. LandCruiserPhil

    Tan interior color match - Spray can

    Looking for a spray can color match for tan interiors, what do you use? For the gray interior I have found a very nice match to share. Match is closer than the picture show.
  9. H

    For Sale 80 series Tan leather Third Row Seats

    Selling a pair of tan leather third row seats from my LX450. The seats are in great condition. PM with any questions or for additional pics. $100 Thanks!
  10. arcteryx

    Vendor Nice set of tan leather 80 seats

    Pics and details are here 80 Series, Nice Set of Tan Leather Seats, First and Second Rows Only selling 1st and 2nd rows together.

    For Sale [ME] 1983 FJ60 TAN Front Seats Very Clean

    Looking to sell these clean seats, they are too clean for my winter beater. Recently bought some BMW seats and will install soon. Only real issue is the driver's side vinyl section, it has some minor cracking per usual. No tears on the fabric. Very serviceable, plenty of life left. The...
  12. coax

    FREE 80 series tan 3rd row seats

    Free local pickup only. Near city park. Blurry picture but seats in good condition. Tan.
  13. icorradoi

    For Sale Used 1996 LC Tan Seat Leather + Foam

    I just reupholstered my front seats in my 1996 Land Cruiser. The leather and seat foam that were replaced were in pretty decent condition for a 21 year 120,000 mile truck. Only area of any real wear is the driver seat left lower cushion. No cracks or tear. Drivers seat foam is missing a...
  14. Deathvalleypaul

    Parting Out 1997 FJ80 Parting out in SoCal White with tan interior

    Front Crash. Seats are sold. Clean body from windshield back to rear bumper. White with tan interior. Engine has been sold., fenders, hood, headlights,grille, bumper are ruined. ALL OTHER PARTS IN XLNT CONDITION. Message me for price quotes. I can ship.
  15. bumpersignal

    For Sale lx470 tan headrest (1st & 2nd row) like new

    I had an extra set of headsets super clean almost like new $200 for the 4 headrests (1st & 2nd row). More pics here:
  16. dswick

    For Sale Jump Seats - 3rd Row Tan FJ80

    no rips - leather in good condition - needs cleaning3rd Row Seats 96 by dswick posted Mar 23, 2017 at 11:09 AM
  17. ponytl

    Free leather lx470 tan leather used and a few install tips Lseat

    Ok I ordered these before christmas and have just been busy building motorcycles with my 13yo son I'd rate the seats/leather a good 8 out of 10, there are several threads on the install so I won't rehash whats out there... you do need to steam the foam while the old leather is off ... my foam...
  18. Mattyboy

    Wanted 1995 tan fuse cover

    I am looking for a tan fuse cover right under the steering wheel. Shipped to VT. Thanks Matt.
  19. Beej

    What are stock 97 tan seats worth?

    Hey folks, I see a bunch of how much is worth on the front page here. Thoughts I'd throw my hat in the ring although not strictly tech. I've got a pair of front seats with the leather in good condition; no hint of tearing; some tertiary wear; otherwise clean . All power works. I'm swapping...
  20. 97 40th

    Wanted 2013 Silver with Tan Interior

    May I want to spend around $40k. Thanks in advance!
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